Old News!

Below is all the old news for BTP! This includes the posts that are also on the main page, so you might have to scroll down a bit before you see anything you haven't seen already

22.03.13 Worms Armageddon on Steam Bloopy

Quite possibly the greatest game in history is now more readily available than ever! Worms Armageddon can now be bought standalone on Steam. Previously Steam users could only get it if they pre-ordered Worms Revolution.

Warning: may contain pixels.
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30.09.12 10 years of Pixel Blaming Zogger!

BlameThePixel is 10 today. I got a cake but it was stolen by pixels :(
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29.10.11 The Pixel Blaming Army gains a member! Bloopy

All evidence points to Zogger having fathered a child, and therefore congratulations are in order. There's a new Zog-sprog on the block and her name is Scarlet. Here's hoping she grows to learn the true menace of our pesky dot-like enemies!

I think we should declare Zogger as the winner of Proper Excuses for having come up with the best excuse ever.
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29.07.10 Worms Reloaded gets a release date Bloopy

There's a new 2D Worms game coming to PC. It's called Worms Reloaded and it'll be released on Steam. It's based on the previous Worms game for Xbox. The game is download-only for now, but a retail version may be released later.

The release date is 26th August. There's no word yet on how annoying the pixels in the game will be. Some players have had the chance to beta test it, so perhaps they can tell us.

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09.04.10 THE WAR IS COMING Bloopy

Are you ready?

That is all.
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14.07.09 Follow the Pixel on Twitter Bloopy

That infamously mean-spirited and cynical character known as The Pixel is now on Twitter. Get a window into the mind of a creature who has wreaked havoc for over a decade.

After foiling the attempts of numerous pink invertebrates to escape from mines and grenades in Worms, The Pixel rose to fame in Worms Armageddon. He caught enemies when you tried to drown them, bounced your grenades in the wrong direction, tangled up your ninja ropes and sent you crashing. He joined up with BTP and has so far answered over 5000 of your questions. In 2007 he famously caused Team17 Studio Director Martyn "Spadge" Brown to blow himself up. With new Worms games being developed and released, life is prosperous for The Pixel.

Please visit This page to automatically set your post and thread count. Click this if you account was a part of the mass deletion attack
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19.09.08 Loads of users deleted, please read Pioneer322

Due to a massive rookie error in one of the files, someone exploited it and caused more than 50% of BTP Users to be deleted by someone.

If you cannot login, re-register your account with it's original name (case sensitive) and your posts, comments and files should link back to your username.

Apparently a backup isn't possible. Contact an Admin by PM or IRC to restore more info about your account. *note that "contact an admin" pretty much means ask pio.

Please visit This page to automatically set your post and thread count. Now with added attempt of signup date based on first post

[S]ReadMe Says:
On a related note, due to the nature of its creation and evolution - BTP's code quality varies wildly.
If you do happen to stumble across a potential exploit then please contact an admin. Being a cock and utilising such an exploit in a destructive manner is not cool, and will result in extreme loss of karma, leading to most likely being reborn as a termite in the next life.
Have a nice day.

[B]TheAbdBoy Says:
The new Sunday Blamer is out, if you want a bit more info on this whole disaster. Because of this incident, nobody has money, so this issue is for free! If you're looking to make some BTP cash for your custom torso color, or to stylize your username, why don't you write an article for the Sunday Blamer? PM your articles to TheAbdBoy.

Zog says: Just to clarify, the press regularly invent facts and I never accused pio of anything :)

On another note, Get your revenge here!
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28.06.08 In other news, I think I know who's doing this Pioneer322

Fake C1 has been dealt with.

Delete function disabled. Users, please re-register your accounts.

Apparently a backup isn't possible. Contact an Admin by PM or IRC to restore your account. (Post/threads/hits counts, for money we need proof of what you had before.)
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01.03.08 Map Pack 2.0~! Pioneer322

The Mega Map Pack has been restored and updated!
About 50~% of the maps have now been sorted thanks to user []MilesPrower who also had the original pack before it was wiped.

Check them out!
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02.01.08 Worst. Shot. Ever. Bloopy

Thanks to Run, the winners of the 2007 Worms Armageddon Annual Awards for Atrocious Gameplay have been announced!

Next time you're playing on wormnet and someone makes an atrocious move, consider submitting it for the 2008 awards!
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30.09.07 Happy Birthday BTP ZoGgEr!

5 years today!

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06.09.07 An Unusual Email ReadMe

I got a rather unexpected email today, from some guy asking me to check out his "kind of Worms Armageddon / Worms World Party clone". I was pretty skeptical about it, but i downloaded it and gave it a whirl - and was pretty damn impressed at what he'd come up with.

Its been a while since i've fired up worms, so i was a bit rusty - and the game mechanics are slightly different. Anyway, take a look for yourselves:

courtesy of Bartosz Chodorowski
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05.07.07 A Hive of Activity ZoGgEr!

Okay that's bees but it doesn't matter. There's been a relative multitude of news posts lately, and you may or may not have noticed in the files section I added a link on half of the files that says W:AsP.

This is a protocol that came into being yesterday while I was downloading worms related files (having installed worms again) and finding it takes too long to find the right directory again after downloading something else, sort of like it takes me too long to get to the point.

Basically this is an app, inspired by TMUP to make it easier to quickly download files. You just click on the link and it puts the file in the right directory, instead of downloading it through your browser and selecting it every time. Because it's a protocol, it could be applied to other sites such as WMDB. If you have firefox they wouldn't even have to implement it - Greasemonkey could do the work. And because it's a protocol, anyone could write a client to download the files.

I've got the basic client working well enough to see if it works on anyone else's computer, so if anyone would like to try it out I've uploaded it. The (not very well commented) source is included.

Bear in mind that it's a day old so it may not work on your computer. That's why I'd appreciate it if you gave it a go to see if it works.

It requires the .net framework. Which version it needs I'm not sure. It is designed for W:A, but it will probably work to an extent with WWP, for maps, graves flags etc. Read the readme novel if you want to try it with WWP (or if you want to try it at-all).

Once installed Try this link to test it. It's just a random screenshot claiming to be a map, but meh.

Edit: here is a greasemonkey script that converts links on WMDB into W:AsP links
Update: here's one for The Challenge Base.

To use the TCB script you will need version 0.12 of W:AsP. I've updated the links in this post to the new version.

Note that if you use opera you can also install these greasemonkey scripts. Download them to a folder, then go to tools->preferences->advanced->javascript options...->and choose the folder at the bottom.

...This news post is getting long enough to need a website


Download W:AsP in case you missed the link above

Spot the mistake
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02.07.07 More File Submission Changes ZoGgEr!

Following on from the new patch being released and the file submitter being fixed, I have now fiddled around with the file uploader so that all new files will be uploaded to a different server with lots and lots of space.

Therefore I have also relaxed the filesize maximum to 5MB, which should let you upload most large maps for the new patch.

Please report any bugs in the forum as it's still slightly experimental.

On another note, if anyone has any idea what I should do with 400GB of webspace, let me know :)
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29.06.07 W:A v3.6.28.0 Released ZoGgEr!

Link For Lazy People

It's (one of) The One(s) We've Been Waiting ForTM. The new patch including extra large maps and Batty Ropes. The feature list goes over two posts which I haven't read yet. ;)

I'd better install W:A again.

(Also thanks to CyberShadow for letting me know)

I don't really want to push this news off, so it's going here. File uploads should now be fixed.
I don't think there's any restrictions stopping you from posting new large PNGs either, so gogogog.
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23.06.07 Sup Pioneer322

Uploader is f-ed. We know. Quit bitching.

edit: Zog is back. He's not gonna fix it.

zog: I tried to fix it before I left but it's a mysterious problem. I can't see any reason for the forbidden message. iirc I have never added code to BTP that would produce a forbidden message so it is probably CBWhiz's code.

edit: and yes the permissions and owner are correct, it's the same file before and after the form submit ;)
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06.04.07 Score One For The Pixels Bloopy

In an epic tragedy, Spadge himself has been undone by a gang of pixels. Hopefully he will redeem himself and seek vengeance!
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29.12.06 Some things never change... Bloopy

Some screenshots have been released for the up and coming Worms game for Xbox Live, and what do you know... the first screenshot I open HAS A ****ING PIXEL IN IT! Viewing the rest of the screenshots, it turns out a second pixel has infiltrated its way into about nine thousand of them!

We may not be winning the war but at least the game looks great, and there is much reason for BTP to exist for a long time yet!

We want YOU to join the Pixel-Blaming Army!

edit: The game is released.
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21.10.06 Unofficial Worms3D/Worms4 Map Editor Updated Bloopy

K^2 has released a new version of his WMapEditor for Worms3D & Worms 4: Mayhem maps. You can download it from his thread @ Dream17. The program is still in its early stages but it certainly should be possible to create some good maps that are fun to play on, even if you only construct them out of basic block shapes. I would just like to say:

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18.10.06 No News is Good News ZoGgEr!

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03.06.06 Suspension ZoGgEr!

Okay, so as you probably noticed the site was suspended for a couple of days. Basically it comes down to resource usage. I'm told since january it's been pretty high, even though if anything the site's had less use since then.

We're not sure yet whether or not the issue is solved. I've disabled a few pages, but that might not be enough. So there could be some more suspended time coming.

I'm trying to find the root of the problem, but it may just be general inefficiency.

We'll have to see, really.
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10.05.06 100 Million Keys Bloopy

Thanks to you geeks, team BTP at WhatPulse has racked up over 100 million keys! If you're not signed up, well you should be. The password to join team BTP is... CBWhiz. WhatPulse is a program which counts your key presses and mouse clicks and saves your statistics to the website. It's great for a sense of achievement, if nothing else.
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28.04.06 ahem ZoGgEr!

Need to clear that news post by C1 from the top of the page.

So if you don't know what happened. C1 had a little tantrum and deleted some stuff. Then I got the backup restored and removed his loopholes. Oh yes, and undeleted myself. Things should be back to normal now, minus C1.

Pioedit: Apparently, recently uploaded files are gone, so uh, yeah.. reupload them. PM links of missing uploads to an active admin so they can remove it, and you can re-upload your file :)

zog: actually that's something that didn't occur to me. File uploads are slightly broken. Recent files as in files posted the day before yesterday, and any files you've tried to upload since the backup will be broken. I just need to set some permissions

Pioedit2: In other news, I just realized this is news post id # 322 XD
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05.02.06 Super Mega Duper Map Pack! Pioneer322

BTP is proud to present the ultimate package of maps found!
Go here go download yourself a load of maps
edit: well, can't really think of anything else to say, anyways hf.
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29.01.06 Downtime ZoGgEr!

As you may have noticed there's been a lot of downtime on and off the last few days.
I've done a little bit of research with the help of tH and there seems to be a forum on the server which blatantly doesn't belong on a shared server, with about 450 users online at any one time.. My guess is this is the cause and they've just moved here or something... Could be entirely wrong though..
Anyway, hopefully it'll be over soon. :)
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26.01.06 Why are we linked from CBWhiz

Why are we linked from
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28.12.05 Oops broke it ZoGgEr!

As you can probably see things aren't quite right...
The lesson is you shouldn't play with things that can delete half your files while playing with them.

Should hopefully have a backup restored soon - nothing much works atm.

Well it seems that the backup got overwritten after the event, so the last backup I have of the files was from a year ago - And hasn't been restored. I don't have any of the forum code - if any staff members have it then er.. tell me ;)

Time for a complete rewrite of btp anyone?

CBWhiz fixed the forums:

Pioneer322: Fixed the default Map design, torsos.. and the GoD logo
In the process I fixed the changedesign.php previews that were missing...
Credit to []Atomic52 for the Map borders and torsos
editupdate: Fixed user ratings
editupdate2: flags restored

And a new smiley set to play with...
/me is getting the hang of this

p.s. All the files are gone, however, think of it this way. If you submit your file now, all these people looking for files are going to find only yours and a few others, so submit :p.

About yesterday's stuff If anyone tells you they can't get onto BTP, tell them to clear their cache. I'm still getting problems on the pages I had visited yesterday when it was down.
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25.11.05 New Worms Armageddon Patch Bloopy

The next patch for W:A (version has been released. See this thread for details


Pio says: It seems alot of people arnt getting their email confirmation, if you didn't get it, wait about 16/24 hours for it as it seems to send 'em all at once... Try this if you want to change email addy's or something.
If you still dont get your confirmation email, contact an admin (email/IM) or come into the chat :)
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10.11.05 BTP chat moves again and again ReadMe

Following the inexplicable move form wikkedwire to the wholly unreliable, I've decided we should move to one of the bigger and more reliable networks, so we travel to freenode Nomad now.


(irc. *network here* .net/org/whatever)(/join #blamethepixel)
I'll cya there.
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21.10.05 BTP Frapper Map Bloopy

BlameThePixel now has a Frapper map! Maybe you know what it is. Or maybe you don't, in which case you'll just have to click and see!

Also, if you haven't yet signed up for Team BTP at WhatPulse, now would be a good time! The password is CBWhiz

Meanwhile, Worms 4: Mayhem should now be available in the United States for Xbox and PC. Sony doesn't think it's good enough for the PS2 though! :o
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08.10.05 Mini News ZoGgEr!

Just been asked to post this by someone who goes by the name of redneck - there's been some anti-semitic / racist maps uploaded to btp with his name on, which he didn't create. Just to let you know, it would be unfair not to mention it if they get played on wormnet.
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18.09.05 Goodbye wikkedwire, you've been mediocre to us. ZoGgEr!

IRC has moved from wikkedwire to
still #blamethepixel

Ask dreameater.

p.s. custom vhosts for all
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01.09.05 Goodbye serenity, You've been good to us :'( ZoGgEr!

Just to let you know we're having a change of server, just moving to a different hosting plan on the same company. For now you should be aware that anything you do might not appear when the change is done - it depends on how I do the mysql stuff in the end. Either way things should be back to normal within 48 hours, I wouldn't hold your breath, though (because holding your breath for 48 hours would probably be fatal, if it's not, contact Guiness).

I seriously advise against using any feature that involves a file upload, as the file will not be transferred but the mysql might be, which leads to a tricky situation.

If you're seeing this message

(you are)

then the move is complete

(for you).
If you notice any problems, tell us.

Anyone with an FTP/MySQL account will have to contact me for your new pass - I don't have any way of getting them back.
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18.08.05 News ZoGgEr!

Oh. Did someone say worms 4 was released? oops.

Bloopy says: Yes that's right, unless you've been living in a closet in a cave in some American continent, you'll probably know that Worms4 is released in Western Europe and Australasia. Oh, and it's good!

Also, BTP has now had over 3000 sign-ups. In the Worms community only the T17 forum has more!
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22.06.05 W4:M (old) PC demo released ZoGgEr!

Yep, the first demo has been released. 220 odd MB. This is not the official demo, as usual someone has leaked it (or something). The official one will be released on Thursday, they reckon. So if it's going to take you too long to download this one I wouldn't bother ;). is out now.

You can get it from GameSpot, which requires a signup, and possibly another small download first, or you can get it nice and quickly from gamershell.

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15.06.05 To hell and back. ReadMe

Bloopy resurected his design from before we revamped the system, find it in a Page Styles menu near you.
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06.06.05 Thats the way the cookie crumbles CBWhiz

I've changed some misc. behind-the-scenes user authentication code, and as such, I re-did the current cookie system. You should notice absolutely no differance, and your cookies should be replaced with the new ones automagicly. However, if you are logged out, you should be able to login again without problems.

If you experiance any difficulty with logging in, please let us know.
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03.05.05 Looking for webhosting? ZoGgEr!

If you're looking for webhosting, and would like to support BTP, please consider buying it from me. See this thread for details
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02.04.05 PixelMapPack Round 2 - Colour .PNG For WA Bloopy

Worms Armageddon player? The second Pixel Map Pack is now available, and this time it's a collection of colour .png terrains made for WA. Head over to the Pixel Map Pack page to pick up Round 2, compiled by psymon.

In other news, there's now some Worms 4 wallpapers available over at Codemasters.

Zog: Also should be mentioned - the "BTP Radio Comeback Special" on the 3rd of April. Take a look at this thread for more details.

Bloopy says: The action to blame the pixel is now defined in the Urban Dictionary!

Bloopy also says: Try out the new option, now you can give your torso long hair like mine has, just go to Change Profile. If you have wormy torsos on, you won't be able to see it. Maybe someone would like to draw worms with long hair :D

Knifa says: Check out the IRC Channel Social stats -
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22.02.05 BTP QDB ReadMe

Well doesnt seem to actually be accepting any of the quotes in the queue, and has disappeared off the map so mostly for your IRC chatroom community I took it upon myself to write my own version.

Works quite nicely altho it is still missing one or two features of bash and qdb, like the rating of quotes. However, it is possible to make comments on individual quotes.
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01.02.05 W4:M Teaser Video ZoGgEr!

If you're interested, a teaser video for W4M (can't remember if there's a colon there) has been released at the codemasters website - however you need to be a 'Code M' member to view it. (Edit: Bloopy tells me it's available at too, was released a few days ago - oh well, no harm in a mirror) I may well mirror it in a mo.
I've just uploaded it myself (15MB AVI in a zip). It provides some more insight into how the worms and weapons may move differently (if at-all so)

I've also added some screenshots (in a zip) to the misc files section that may or may not be revealing.

UNRELATED: Signup issues - just to let you know we seem to have been having some signup issues for at least two weeks, I only had one email actually telling me about this, and only realised signups weren't working when I saw the user list and found there were no new users in the last two weeks. I'm still confuzzlicated as to why this is - signing up only worked if you were logged in, so I have some suspicions. Won't go into detail. I've put in what hopefully will work as a temporary fix. Only the required fields will work though.
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13.01.05 Worms 4 Announced ZoGgEr!

As we are a worms site after all, it's probably worth mentioning the announcement made by Team17 & Codemasters that the next worms game, Worms 4: Mayhem, has been announced today, due for release in Q2 2005, and if you're not a forum regular you may well have missed the announcement elsewhere.

Anyway, If you've been dissappointed with the customisation available in the latest ventures into 3d by team17, then you may be interested to know that a new feature for the worms series will be a "Weapons Factory", where you can customise the look and all sorts of other aspects of your weapons.

Whilst this isn't a map editor or an ability to actually model your own weapons (which would no-doubt be somewhat difficult in 3d), it certainly is looking back to the days of Worms 2 when customisation was everything.

Other notable features include:
  • much smoother terrain deformation; terrain is fully destructible and won't look blocky like in worms3D
  • the ability to give your worms hats, glasses and various other accessories
  • Land has become more prominent (reducing the number of water deaths, hooray)
  • missions will include objectives such as destroying certain scenery

There's been another change of publisher, too. Codemasters will be publishing the game, which is an interesting move. I don't know about anyone else, but I've been playing codemasters games back into the Amstrad days, and have been happy with all of them. Hopufully W4:M will prove to be the same.

The full press release is available on the new site at

edit: Just browsing the codemasters website, and I noticed W4:M is listed as a DVD release. Interesting point to note.

knifa edit (unreleated): MY HARD DRIVE EXPLODED. ALL MY MUSIC GO BYE :(... not that you actully care
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07.01.05 Hackage News / Warning ZoGgEr!

Okey, this is a quick warning advising everyone to change their password on BTP and any other worms sites they may be signed up to.
I have recently recieved information pertaining to how BTP was hacked in September, and a list containing the passwords of many of the members of BTP exists. The obvious course of action is to change em...
I don't believe there is any danger to BTP now, as all passwords have been changed since then, but you never know... :S

In other news, the custom CSS designs should be working 100%. To change to the CSS design, check the box marked "Custom Design Active" and press Save Design. Please report any oddities you encounter to [S]CBWhiz
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07.01.05 Style System Functional CBWhiz

The style system is now fully functional. Please report any errors you see on any of the official designs.

To change design or add custom CSS, choose the Change Design link from the 'Users' section of the menu.
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03.01.05 More style progress CBWhiz

Rudimentry style support is slowly being added. Readme has created an alpha version of his famous Ultra-Compact design.

Visit the Change Design page to swap designs, or, if your browser supports it (Fx & O! do, but not IE), you can switch between the styles on any page in your browser's Page Style feature. In Firefox, this is under View -> Page Style.

You can now write custom CSS on the Change Design page.
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02.01.05 Map Design HTML error free CBWhiz

The Map design is now completely error free, as you can see here. This means it is now merely a matter of time before we validate and correct each BTP page.

INDE X.PHP IS VALID!: 12/02/05 7:22 AM :)

The design standard should be finalized soon, and then after a bit of cleanup we will post how to make your own designs.

ed by Zog:
It looks like CBWhiz's changes had some unforeseen effects on IE. You may be seeing some problems. Until this is fixed, I suggest you use a better browser that supports the features introduced (as any standards browser compliant should)

The menu is fancy and clickable, click the headings to collapse sets, or click the menu title to change the lot
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31.12.04 On Our Way! CBWhiz

We're down to just 44 HTML errors! To give you an indication of progress, before I stated doing stuff we were at 400+.

Click here to validate this page and watch my progress, or Click here to see my fully valid CSS!

I'm going to bed now, but we should be fully standards complient within the week!

Then I can start on adding back in the old designs.

Quoted :: 'CBWhiz

BTP will be ugly for awhile until I re-do the style system. Everyone will be temporerily forced into style 12 [Map]
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29.12.04 File Submission Fixed CBWhiz

File submission is now fixed for all users.

BTP will be ugly for awhile until I re-do the style system. Everyone will be temporerily forced into style 12 [Map]

PS: The draggable holly now stays put

PPS: It is 7:00 AM. I worked since ~ 1:00 AM. Goodnight :)

Note to design designers (heh): I have restructured the design system nearly from the ground up. I will only be converting Map, DarkBlue, and maybe a few others depending on my availibility. When The site is fully converted to the new templating system, I will post the details on creating BTP designs.
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24.12.04 Technical Difficulties CBWhiz

BTP is having some technical difficulties...

I fixed the main error on all pages (error 28 from links db) by commenting out the link images, but it seems other tables are affected.

Since I forgot my password, you'll have to wait until someone with phpmyadmin access fixes it fully :D



Listen to the radio! - It's active!
Watch the TV! - Now running a seperate server for it. Playing animeh!

DJ []RunT kicks ass!11

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05.12.04 Slow News Month? ZoGgEr!

Well I just had to post something, there's only been one news post in the last month. I guess it's all on the forum, or something.
Personally I haven't been in a good situation to do much coding lately, too much effort to upload things from here, but I have just created the first of what may be a mini series of RSS feeds. If you use firefox, for example, you can create a live bookmark that updates when new news posts appear (even if they are infrequent). Point your bookmark / rss reader to

Perhaps there will be some useful feeds eventually.

Update: There's also an RSS feed for PMs now as well. It does however involve a URL with your (encrypted) password contained within it. Still, if you want to find outthe URL for your user, visit

[Knifa says]
To all new users:
Quit making stupid pointless threads. If you are, atleast put it in the off-topic. And try keep it to below 5 new threads a day.
Also, I'll be DJing on teh radio on XMas Eve and Day, so remember to listen or I'll get Santa to murder you on the night. [new~] Other peoples will be DJing on xmas eve and day too..

J Says:
Merry Christmas!
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09.11.04 Firefox 1.0 is out CBWhiz

Torrent (Servers are swamped, this is the best way):

Direct Link: (Good Luck)

Firefox-tan says Hi:

Meanwhile in other news:
Sunday Blamer #5 has been out since... Sunday probably! Make that the Sunday before =D
Poxel Flyer is updated so you can't hack it (but you're welcome to try!), and scores have been reset.

Happy birthday to the wishmaster
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22.10.04 Changes CBWhiz

Sometime in the near future, all PMs will be deleted. Then the PMs will be down for up to 5 days, tops. Then PMs will be back, and improved.

In the far future, the site will be redesigned from scratch. Designs will no longer work properly for quite awhile, and the only two choosable designs will probably be Map (which I will re-do first) and Compack / Ultra-Compact (which don't need that much of a redesign)

I intend to make this site fully HTML 4 Strict complient - which means CSS. Which also means more designs, because they will then be an assload simpler to create.

[knifa edit]
W00t, we have pixel pets, currently still in the making, but you can create one!.. also, anyone messaging me (Knifa) about account activation, bannage, tax, or money will result in 75% tax. (and mabye a ban if im in a bad mood/you wont shut up) <- only applies to people NOT already on my contacts list. also (#2) stop adding your stupid phone numbers to the auctions, people dont want to talk to you. also, everyone thank vision for thinking up pets/reminding us

Pixel Images should no longer cache

If you're pixel has gone, re-make it with the same name and you'll get your accessories back. it is believed they were deleted by kyle.
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18.10.04 Signups have been fixed CBWhiz

Signing up is now fixed. Please report any problems you may still have.

Best Game Ever:

[Knifa Edit]
We also have BTP Television now, which is on the same server as the radio (still SHOUTcast) It will only work with Winamp (2.9+) So far I (Knifa) am the only one playing any on it. It's also not dialup friendly (not friendly for me either, it eats the upload bandwidth) So yea, I'll play anime and crap you probally don't want to watch. it will be here: just add it in winamp and as a URL

[Knifa edit#2]
OMFG! BTP Television reached 20 users today, so I'm going to up it to 200 users! There's also new menu sections, if you have trouble with winamp, you can watch it with an ActiveX control on IE *points to TV under Streaming on the menu*

[Edit by CBWhiz]
As usual, I do the cross-browser stuff. TV works in Firefox now.
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05.10.04 See, we beleive in cross-browser compatability. CBWhiz

I just added a new workaround for IE 5.5 and up that fixes the transparent PNG issue. Normally, thses browsers would screw up and display a grey background around most PNG images on this site. However, I hacked together a workaround.

However, we still recommend Firefox to our users, and to emphaize that we have placed a "I <3 Firefox" logo on the bottom left. It'll fade away shortly, so it's not too annoying.

Edit: W:A Beta Update is out, and available for download here.

Edit again: Beer lag rules!
Edit again #2: Sunday blamer #3 is out!
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04.10.04 Forums Restored CBWhiz

The forums post and thread database has been restored. There are still minor inconsistoncies to work out, so bear with me.

PS: If a forum has an incorrect title / moderator list / whatever, please post it in the misnamed forum with a title of "RENAME ME".

The restoration was a complicated effort facilitated mainly by myself and ZoGgEr. We will try to make sure that these inconsistancies do not re-occur in the future.
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03.10.04 BTP IS BACK! Knifa

BTP is back again! Surpass changed the DNS so uuh, we had to wait for that, and then some important PHP files were broken. They are fixed now tho.

BlameThePixel Theme Song made by Musiqal:
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27.09.04 The Storm CBWhiz

First I want to preface this news article by educating you all: Technically, Hackers are the good guys (who hack and then tell you about it, so you can fix it). We were 'hacked' by Crackers. A Cracker is a Hacker who maliciously attacks sites for pleasure or profit.

Anyway, we we hacked. We have identified the cause, and have taken steps to ensure it won't happen again.

Things which cannot be fixed:
-Missing Sigs, Avatars, Maps, or Files. If you see any missing files, please inform an admin (preferably on the forum, not in this comments box) and the file entry will be removed.
-Data Loss
This includes forum information. Although I am working to correct the damages, it appears that the posts, threads, and forums of some catagories (namely the general catagory) have been deleted from the database. This means that we will need to create new (blank) forums to replace the old ones.

In addition, i have a suspision that file uploading will not work anymore if you have not yet uploaded any files.

In time, everything will be fixed. If you found a bug we aren't aware of, please inform an admin via the board - do not use PMs please.

Most of BTP is fully functional now, so in reality not much information (except for forum posts) was lost.

Again, if you experiance any errors, please inform us via the forum.

New news section on the menu! Sunday Blamer bit too, that Pope makes, this issues it automaticlly for £10. Pope is also looking for writers, so PM him if you want to write something.
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19.09.04 Back ZoGgEr!

well I have no idea about what actually happened, but btp is back. I emailed support and got a backup restored from the 9th. Any files submitted after that date, however, will probably have missing files, as the backup removed the old ones. Not sure what we're gonna do about that, but I don't have much time right now as I'm off to university in an hour or two. At least it works :)

EDIT: It would appear that the storm has not yet passed, half of the forums just got deleted, as far as i can see the posts and threads are still there - there's just no forum to link them to.

EDIT BY CBWHIZ: This appears to not be true. The posts seem deleted. They might be in the Abandoned Posts forum at the bottom, but i doubt it.

Pixel/Kyle/Whatever decided to come in the chat and say sorry. He wasn't the cause of the forum edits etc, but anyway. Uuhh, he's registred and I'm watching him, so don't bitch.

[Knifa Edit]
Temporary forum created.. BenServ and antiyou banned, solved the problem. BenServ's account was hacked (mabye) and someone was editing the forums and stuff. I have logs on the chatroom about it that I might post later..

The Pope and C1 are not admins.

If you didn't notice that BTP got hacked, you are a fewl. mm yes. Lots of files are missing, and there is nothing we can do. The backup doesn't have the maps/sigs/etc in it so tough, moaning wont help.

The forums should be back up when zog restores the DB.
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08.09.04 Never Ending Story! Knifa

There's a new thing I've made for you to play with... A NES (Never Ending Story)! It's like the ones there was in the forum, except its a section for it. It's just one HUGE story. Click here or go to the menu and click it, its under fun then "Never Ending Story"

It now adds '...' automagicly and you can view it as one big story

Names back to normal. Shame on you for not changing to Firefox

Trying to do the current user link thing (the UL1 thing) will get you Taxed. It doesn't work.

The spammers reign of terror has past! His IP range is banned, shame to anyone on his ISP.
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29.08.04 About Email Verification ZoGgEr!

I just wanted to say, as you may have noticed I added e-mail verification to signups recently. This is to prevent people from signing up a whole load of multiple accounts without us knowing (although we inevitably find out in the end anyway).

Anyway, just for anyone using Hotmail, at the moment it seems to be sending the comfirmation email to the junk folder. I'm just trying to rectify this by making the email a bit longer, but till then try checking your junk email if you're waiting for a verification email.

The next person to post 'first comment' and be the first comment will be taxed 10%, the next one 15% then 20% and so on. That is all.

There is a new premium option available now

Posting any more +/- rating on BTA will result in a good flaming, or being banned from BTA
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25.08.04 Premium Options ReadMe

In your profile you can now purchase pemium options for your ulink. lucky you.

At the time of writing cost is
£10 setup for bold/italic and £2 per options per day
£200 to change colour every time, and £20 a day while it's active.

If you want a colour thats not available ask an admin nicely and give them a link to the multicolour icon file with the hex code you want so they can check it is ok to use.

Only Normal, social (+ and ++) users can use coloured torsos, admins will stay as they are and new users can buy a new torso but it will not be visible until they become a full user. Wishta will also retain his pink torso indefinately since it was his idea and he mad me realise how simple it would actually be to do this.

[knifa edit]
You may have noticed the auction system! You can sell random stuff like nameplates/sigs/etc. Check the FAQ for more information. It's on the menu under Money Bliss. So, go BlameTheAuctions
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08.08.04 Scheme Editor 1.0 Released ReadMe

The scheme editor has now been fully integrated with BTP's file submission system, all existing schemes have been converted to the new format.

You can now download any scheme in scheme formats supported by the editor or open them up in the editor and tweak them a little - perhaps you want to see what it is you are downloading?

Schemes created in the editor can also be easily submitted into the files database without having to download then upload again.

Thats about it for now - I'm gonna go grab some sleep then maybe i'll style the editor and call it v1.01

Any probs post some comments, i can still restore all the old scheme files and things

zog's edit:
This doesn't deserve its own news post, so "Knifa says NO MORE PEOPLE will be allowed access to the radio, so don't ask". That's all. ty.
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08.08.04 BTP! CBWhiz

  _              _                              ______   

 (_|   |   |_/  | |                            (_) |     

   |   |   | _  | |  __   __   _  _  _    _        | __  

   |   |   ||/  |/  /    /  \_/ |/ |/ |  |/      _ |/  \_

    \_/ \_/ |__/|__/\___/\__/   |  |  |_/|__/   (_/ \__/ 

  , __  _                       ______ _         , __              _  

 /|/  \| |                     (_) |  | |       /|/  \o           | | 

  | __/| |  __,   _  _  _    _     |  | |     _  |___/         _  | | 

  |   \|/  /  |  / |/ |/ |  |/   _ |  |/ \   |/  |    |  /\/  |/  |/  

  |(__/|__/\_/|_/  |  |  |_/|__/(_/   |   |_/|__/|    |_/ /\_/|__/|__/
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05.08.04 WFUS demo & stuff... ZoGgEr!

FYI, the results of the user contest are now available, if you're interested...
The more important news, however, is the release of the Worms Forts Under Seige demo. It's available on the cover of PC gamer, or if your connection is fast enough (like mine ;) ), check the forum thread for download links.
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04.08.04 Stuff... ZoGgEr!

Well the BTP user contest below is now closed, so we await pope, for... stuff...

Also buzz would like me to tell you about a "Worms Armageddon 1on1 Roper Race Tourney" at ESL, should anyone here be interested

The news post
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25.07.04 The BTP user contest ZoGgEr!

Well pope's hassling me, so I guess I'd better say something :P. The BTP user contest has been underway for a while now, and whilst a fair few people have sent in nominations for the awards, there's still not enough - we won't be getting any nice animations if you don't send em in. So go visit the btp user contest thread for more info.
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13.07.04 Another beta patch ZoGgEr!

as it's been a while since the last one, I might as well inform you of the latest W:A beta patch from Deadcode. It's available at
or in the programs section of this here site.
Not a vast array of new features, but a new number before the last dot, which is always a good thing. And the ability to walk backwards, that'll be interesting.
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01.07.04 The League With No Name... ZoGgEr!

Due to popular (well, popular, if you, say, live on easter island and didn't know there was a population out there) demand, btp now has a league! W:A singles and WWP singles. If you want to join for the testing season, visit (or click go there under league on the left). Log in with your BTP username, and click on Join a League then the appropriate link to join. Once your signed up you can start playing games. Winner reports, and in W:A must upload the game recording, which makes it fun, seeing as we can now watch all the recordings for the current season. The loser must berify that the game really took place using the verify link. This is on all th league pages, and you should get a notification when you have new games waiting to be verified, except on vahagns iceblue design, because we're lazy (I think).
I've decided not to name the league, we'll leave that to your imagination. Call it whatever you like.

Have fun. I've already managed to lose two games, but hey, watch them if you want ;).

edit: also buzz` has changed the ESL spot below
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26.06.04 Dialectizer Goes Public - sort of ReadMe

As of a few minutes ago, all Dialetizer pages that were restriced to staff and socials only are now public. This means that you're all free to suggest new languages or add some rules to the ones already created.

A basic implementation of the translation program has been uploaded, you can now translate your texts into whatever language you like. Well, whatever language we have anyway. Keep adding rules to make the languages better!

Message to staff using the admin pages: Dont feel you have to accept everything.
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19.06.04 The Little Box of Horrors... Muahaha... ZoGgEr!

Well, maybe evil. Just to let you know that I've implemented a zipping-together-ness of file downloads, so you can now select a bunch of files on the map or files pages to go into your little box of horrors, and then download them all at once :). It may not be perfect yet, so if something doesn't work tell me and I'll see what I can do...

As a side note, ReadMe just got a gmail account, it's not - might have to try and get another one with that... envy me everyone :P
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30.05.04 Site Downtime ReadMe

You may have noticed BTP was down for a short while, not sure why as of yet but the whole shebang went down, it wasnt a database problem like we used to get.

No user casualties either, so it doenst look like a return to the dark ages of btp
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29.04.04 Next Worms Game Finally Revealed ZoGgEr!

After a fair amount of speculation, it seems like the next Worms ame will be Worm forts under siege
From the screenshots posted so far, it looks like worms 3d, but... different, and with better graphics. There's not much information yet, so I'll link to this thread:

Wishmaster is begging me to give him credit for "knowing" the title in advance, aparrently first. I dunno, I never saw it ;).
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25.04.04 BTP Radio! ZoGgEr!

Unexpectedly, there is now a BTP "radio station" available via

Big thanks to knifa for making it all possible, the shoutcast server is currently being hosted on "his" server :)

Currently, if someone that can do it is online, then you'll be able to tune in and hear their music / general banter. Not very established yet, but pretty fun stuff ;). To see if it's online, check the image on the index page, click on it and click "listen now" to listen.

It works with various players, including Winamp and RealPlayer. I recommend winamp ;).
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12.04.04 Pixel Art and Poxel Flyer Bloopy

BlameThePixel now has a new Pixel Art village, Pixville II. Visit the BlameTheArt forum section to learn the details. If you haven't heard of Pixel Art before, now's your chance to learn, check out Pixel Art Info!

Also up is a new game called Poxel Flyer, members of BlameThePixel need to outlast this new enemy.

[S]Zogger!: While we're here, I should tell you about the latest ESL offering. Again, I'm hesitant to knock this news down, as anyone using pixville will need to know the rules :). Anyway, this one's a W:A& WWP 2 on 2 ladder, with a scheme of your choice.

BuZz linked me to this thread:
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31.03.04 WB to BTP ZoGgEr!

Yep, we're back up on a different host now -

As far as I can tell stuff is working, but there could be some errors that I haven't noticed.

Also - I haven't copied the table that shows what threads you've read, or the Private Messages, so you might like to read some threads that you think are new and then mark all as read....

edit: looks like some DNSs have been updated in Germany and Canada, not mine yet tho.. heh. This should be changing fairly soon tho

aha. Domain just changed for NTL, :D


Buzz would like me to tell you about the latest ESL offering, a WWP 1 on 1 elite cup, set to start in the middle of April, which may interest those who play wwp. It'll be a 64 player tourney, which should make it a bit more fun, so sign up today if you play WWP :)

Here's the news post:
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18.03.04 Another one... ZoGgEr!

Remember the PixelMapPack (I hope you do)?
Well, if you like to make the odd map, then here's something for you... Psymon has decided to start up his own pixel map pack, this time for W:A Colour Maps. So if you have W:A, or even if you don't, then send him your colour maps with a pixel theme, and I'd imagine psymon will pack them all together. The target at the moment is 50 maps by october - but don't let that stop you from submitting maps sooner :).

For more information visit his thread:

I might get round toadding this to the PixelMapPack page one day... who knows...
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11.03.04 The next beta patch ( ZoGgEr!

Yep, another minor beta patch update is now available, with yet more fixes & features, such as the ability to save a screenshot in PNG format to your W:A directory using the "Pause" key on your keyboard, which means you no longer need hypersnap to get those screenshots :). You can download it at the usual places:


or the programs section on this here website.

Edit: is out. It's suppose to scroll smoother, but it still appears imperfect.
zog says: nono, smooth scrolling was disabled in .17a because it wasn't yet ready.
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09.03.04 Worms3D Service Patch 2 Bloopy

The second update for Worms3D is now available. If you have a dial up connection, you'll be delighted to know that it is 54MB.

It supposedly improves online play in terms of less lag and less crashes. This patch is ESSENTIAL for those of you who want to play games on wormnet against people with the US version of Worms3D.
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06.03.04 Database Repair Attempted BTP Repair Bot

Hello! This is your friendly PHP code letting you know that I automagicly tried to fix the 'guestips' database table. Chances are, if you see this, I was sucessful.

zog says: I've removed this bit of the script now to stop it posting news when it repairs stuff

Bloopy says: I've deleted the gaggle of these nonsense news posts so that real people may read the real news posted by real human beings :)
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24.02.04 ESL Worms 3D Cup ZoGgEr!

I know many people aren't big fans of Worms 3D - but perhaps now you have a reason to play. ESL Have opened the signup page for a new Worms3D cup, with prizes of premium accounts for the winners. If you like worms 3D, but haven't played it much because you don't really know anybody that plays it - this is your chance to meet the skilled worms 3D community.

More info:
News Item
The Cup Itself
The Signup Page
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17.02.04 File Submission Opened CBWhiz

The File Repopulation campaign begins today!

Let the submitting begin!

We are aiming for 1000 maps in 2 weeks. As unlikely as it might sound, with a little determination anything's possible. I mean, they say God created the Earth in seven days (emphasis on they), can't we upload 1000 files in 14?

So, as they would have said on FAST3ST SUBMITAR R0x0rs. Gogog!.

But we're not, so we'll just say, Go!


Because some users were having difficulty uploading, the submission form now shows some debugging information. If you have trouble uploading, please post about it in these comments or the forums.

Zog - 20.02.04

Just because I don't want to knock this post off, I'll add to the bottom that there's another update to the beta patch, fixing a couple more bugs and adding a couple of tiny features - such as the ability to save maps via their recordings, if you don't already have the map saved. Which is nice :). Who needs the map thief anymore?

You can find the patch in the files section.

Also, I'm happy to say we're still on target for 1000 files after two weeks, provided we keep going at this rate, so er.. keep going :)

Personal target for everyone except bloopy: Beat bloopy at file uploading. He's running away with it..
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16.02.04 File Information CBWhiz

Files will be down this week for an undetermined amount of time.

There *may* be some data loss...

Zog says: Yes, Whiz does have a way with explanations, doesn't he?

well, it looks like we've lost all the files, and we'll probably be starting over completely. Don't look upon this as a bad thing though. Not because it isn't, just that we don't want bad and BTP in the same sentence ;).

No, rest assured there will be a campaign to get BTP repopulated with maps & files again. once this is over, we'll be aiming for 1000 maps in 2 weeks. That's my target anyway, unlikely, but with a little determination anything's possible. I mean, they say God created the Earth in seven days (emphasis on the They).
So, as they would have said on FAST3ST SUBMITAR R0x0rs. Gogog!.

But we're not, so we'll just say, gogog.

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14.02.04 Forum Post Count Information & Files Information CBWhiz

Registered users, visit this topic, and read it in its entirety. Then vote. Post all comments there, not in this news item.

Feb 15 2004:
The files section will be closed / down sometime during this week for a not-yet-determined amount of time. It is undergoing major internal organization.
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11.02.04 Database Repair Attempted BTP Repair Bot

Hello! This is your friendly PHP code letting you know that I automagicly tried to fix the 'users' database table. Chances are, if you see this, I was sucessful.
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09.02.04 W:A Beta v3.6.19.7 update released ZoGgEr!

It's here! The Latest W:A patch with many, many new features is now available. I'm not gonna say much more, because I'm off to try it for myself, but if you have W:A (not a trymeda version) visit to download it!

We'll probably be adding support for W:A colour maps soon (as they are now possible in the patch) and I'll go mirror the patch here...

Update: I've now added a recordings section, if you have any game recordings that you think people might be interested in seeing, then you can upload them there in ZIP format.

Update again: There's been a new patch semi-released. It's not on the t17 site, apart from one or two threads in the t17 forum. It fixes some of the bugs from the last version, so get it at and click the link part way through the post. Some of the fixes are due to come in later patches (probably to be released v. soon) so you might want to wait if you don't have any problems with this one. This one'll help you with your buttons, ben ;)
And again: Yep, version is out now, with a couple more fixes that weren't in the .9 version. Get it, if you will. It's more useful than the last one ;)
Does he stop updating?
yeh, there's another update which fixes 2 or 3 bugs. Nice to be up to date.
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05.02.04 Automatic User Table Backup Functioning CBWhiz

Every weekend, a new copy of the users table is created. unfortunately, there is a minute possibility that is a users table crash occurs, and no admin adds the backedup user back in before the weekend, that user will be lost at the next backup. I need the table to crash to enable / test auto-restoring users, so start overloading this place :)
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31.01.04 ESL Partnership ZoGgEr!

I'm sure many of you will have visited the Electronic Sports League, but if you haven't then I suggest you do, as we are now an official ESL partner. :)

The site has been running since 1997, providing leaguues / ladders in numerous games, however it has only recently created ladders for Worms Armageddon, World Party and 3D - and more are to come.

What does this mean? It means that we help them grow by linking to them and helping give information on new developments, and they help us grow in return with links to us.

- etc. (I'm sure you'll find out).

The ESL news post is here
The list of ladders is here (worms pretty much at the bottom)

edit: I'll be adding the banner down the left soon - but I'm having some problems connecting to the FTP server, so it might be a while
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28.01.04 Well lets see if this works, shall we? CBWhiz

Ok, ATM i'm just *waiting* for the user db to break again :)
Hopefully, my script should figure out that it went kablooie, fix it, and post some news. If so, there will still be a deleted user since I didnt hook that part up yet. However, one of us clever admins will press the button I just created on here to hopefully add back the unfortunate soul who was deleted. If everything works, I will make it hit the button automagicly, so that whenever the site fails, it will fix itself and auto-restore the deleted people from a week ago.

Of corse, that assumes I didnt fudge up the coding, and since the code has never been tested, who knows right? :D :evil:

Here's hoping! :)
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25.01.04 Users table gone again ...and again ...damn those poxels... once more for me. ReadMe

It comes to something when you get no other news in between the two failing of the users table :(

Dingbats was the casualty this time, please re-sign-up and PM an admin about what you used to have.

Bloopy says: and in a 3rd crash, XxDreamEaterxX has been lost, but no funeral, he can sign up again. In a 4th crash it seems []joetheeskimo5 was the casualty... lest we forget.

well dreameater - we lost you yet again... bl there.
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17.01.04 Users Table lost again ReadMe

Usual thing, todays casualty was []The Pope who has since re-signed up.

Hopefully one days we'll figure out what actually went on here.
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15.01.04 Remember how the WA beta patch is, in fact, a beta? CBWhiz

Before you get excited, this stuff is still COMING SOON.

Quoted :: Deadcode
Beta Patch Update

For those not familiar with the history of the Beta patch, here is a brief summary —

In early 2002, Spadge recruited me to work on an Official Patch for Worms Armageddon — I was honored to accept. This culminated in the Beta 2 patch that everyone is familiar with by now.

The original plan was that I would do the job at Team17 HQ in England. This didn't work out. Instead, I have done my work at home, submitting it remotely.

I took a long break roughly after Beta 2 was released, doing very little with W:A for quite a while. In the meantime, the Beta Patch has become ubiquitous. Perhaps some people have forgotten that it is a Beta, seeing how it hasn't changed for so long.

Well, the sabbatical did me good. A bit over a month ago the inspiration collided with me head-on, to continue work on Worms Armageddon! I have gotten a lot done so far. Here are some highlights:

* Game sessions are recorded to files and can be played back later. This is not like recording a video... it is the actual moves that are saved, which means the files are small and the playback is smooth and fully scrollable, just like the real thing. Speed can be controlled and the chat can be viewed.
* Full colour maps can now be played online. PNG compression is used, to minimize download time. "Map lag" is no longer a problem, since maps are sent in chunks with visible progress indicators.
* Map previews/thumbnails are anti-aliased for a smooth, informative appearance. All types of maps are now visible as a thumbnail preview, eliminating guesswork.
* Gameplay bugs are fixed, including: girder-anywhere cheat; lock-up after a timeout in placement; loss of worm selection and/or weapons in multi-round games
* Backwards compatibility. People using the latest W:A version will be able to play with people who still haven't upgraded from a previous beta. The newer versions will emulate older gameplay logic where necessary to ensure compatibility and synchronisation.
* Many rough edges in the GUI front end are smoothed over; for example, scroll bars and buttons are much improved, and chat bars get the default focus, eliminating the need for an extra mouse click.

Whilst I continue to work, things are being arranged at Team17, and gears put into motion. Cleanair is being released from the project, and his source collected; this will mean freedom in handling the server end of things. And, the future release cycle is being sorted and planned. Expect further updates on this.

Deadcode / David

BTP's forum thread

The Source (T17 Forum)
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10.01.04 how fruity ZoGgEr!

Thanks to C1, we now have a new fruity design :). So if you like an apple now and again, take a look at the "change design" page, as usual.
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02.01.04 Well, that was simple... ZoGgEr!

Here's a hint to the other admins... check phpMyAdmin every time btp goes down. I made the same mistake lat time, just didn't get to checking it this time, until today... oops. All it needed was a repair to the pm table. sorry it took so long :roll:.

Hopefully this simple check every time btp goes down will shorten the length of downtime in the future, cause it always seems to be the problem...

Anyway, the probably made no sense to anybody, but basically, hooray, happy, btp up.

:: EDIT ::

I didn't want to shunt this of the top spot so i'll put it here, poker with highscores has been added, soon i'll write a script to do the fortnightly payouts.
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27.12.03 Moving Stuff around CBWhiz

Well, internally. Most of you wont know the diffrence. If you see errors on the site between now and me editing this post though, just wait about 3 minuted and try again. if the problem persists, then post about it, or if posting is the problem, i'll notice soon enough :)

After I do this 'housecleaning' behind the scenes, i'm gonna add new forum tags too, so hold on for the ride i guess :)

You'll see spotted errors around the site, that say "note to cbwhiz: edit this" or something similiar in bold. PM me the filename or post it here in the comments and I'll fix it up.

New BBCode is coming soon!
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24.12.03 Fixed Site CBWhiz

12:06 AM EST: Repaired users table

Table Op Msg_type Msg_text blamethe_pixel.users repair info Wrong bytesec: 108-100-46 at 288708; Skipped blamethe_pixel.users repair warning Number of rows changed from 1323 to 1322 blamethe_pixel.users repair status OK


Casualty is the wishmaster. Please Re-signup.
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21.12.03 Aren't I Mr. Slow? ZoGgEr!

Finally, I got Bloopy's hell design sorted, check the Change Design page to see it. Hopefully everything that needs changing has been changed, but I might've missed something ;). Sorry for being so slooow :D

Bloopy says: you'll want at least 1024x768 for this design
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16.12.03 No News Is Bad News? Bloopy

If you're like me then you've got bored with Worms 3D and you're waiting for the 3D Map Editor. It's the poxel's fault surely...

Caption Comp
Meanwhile for a lack of better news in the last 2 weeks, I've added 4 pics to the caption comp, enjoy!
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30.11.03 BlameThePoxel ZoGgEr!

Now BTP is back up and things seem to be stable - I can probably tell you about BlameThePoxel. The little annouced worms3d site at :). That's all I'm gonna say cause it tells you the stuff you probly want to know there...
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29.11.03 Working? ZoGgEr!

Well, it must be, otherwise you wouldn't be able to read this.
But yes - after about 2 weeks of downtime it seems like it is working to an extent. We're starting off with some features reduced, to lighten the load on the db. So there's no money yet, no rightbar, and no new marker on the left. It's something at least tho ;).

edit: re-enabled that stuff

ReadMe: Thought u guys might wanna know, turns out it was me strealining queries that managed to overload the DB, hows that for irony then?
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13.11.03 New Eye Patch Out Tomorrow ZoGgEr!

y'arr, new patch is ready and will be available for download tomorrow, as a 54 MB exe though, it would seem.

Still, I look forward to seeing some problems fixed, hopefully the level editor isn't far off :)

edit: lol, forgot to mention the patch was for worms 3d...

edit: delayed till monday it would seem :roll:
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31.10.03 Get yer 3d specs on. ZoGgEr!

Yep, for those of you with sight problems, worms 3d is here, and ready to play. In Britain and Europe, at least.
My copy is on it's way, hopefully it won't be disrupted on it's journey through postal strikes, which would be rather appropriate, considering the ol' mail strike weapon.
Anyway, to accommodate the new style of play and new filetypes, I may well be creating BlameThePoxel, a site devoted purely to worms3d, without all the completely unrelated stuff that you find here.
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16.10.03 Forum Search ReadMe

Finished and afaik, it is working nicely, please report any bugs in the news comments.

The link is in the menu and on the top of the forum index
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11.10.03 Unofficial Moz-only Ultra Compact has been released ReadMe

Well as far as i can tell my code is sound, yet the design still has a few bugs.
This page will set a cookie to allow you to view this version, reload the page to delete the cookie.

If u can help me iron out all the bugs then i'll put it on proper public release. Mostly works in moz 1.5, cept mouseover on the right menu only works on the left half of it :-S
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04.10.03 Introducing ReadMe's New Ultra-Compact Design ReadMe

Isn't it great? go on Switch to it It uses small fonts and a very small header area to maximise the amount of information you get onto the page, It's all in shades of grey - so some of you may not like the bright clean look, but hey - each to their own and all that.

In the pipeline is a sligh alteration to this design that will take advantage of the impoved CSS support offered by Mozilla and Opera to give you even more space!

Oh yeah, cash (BTP cash) prizes for anyone who can do a better worm in a box, or figure out how to get the new pms info to be centered in IE (moz does it fine btw)

So remember, make the switch and save space (and probably server bandwidth too)
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01.10.03 BTP is a year old... Yesterday! ZoGgEr!

Oops, forgot to post yesterday to say that BTP is now one year old. I could've sworn yesterday was the 29th. Oh well. Happy day to btp. :D
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27.09.03 Extra Extra users table commits suicide CBWhiz

Sometime today the users table died. I know of one casualty:
You got deleted. Sorry! Re-signup with the same name with the SAME capitilizatgion and tell me ur cash and w/e other stats you had.
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23.09.03 Pixel Map Pack is done! Bloopy

Cheers to all who made maps dedicated to BlameThePixel! 29 maps have been gathered into this pack over the last 11 months, and now here it is!

Post Comments About The Pixel Map Pack

No more pixel map packs are planned, but we will likely organise something different with 2D or 3D maps. For now, enjoy these ones.
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22.09.03 Houston we had a problem CBWhiz

(edit: I don't think we need the error message whiz, alot of people here won't even know what it means.)

Yep. Forum died. I fixed it. Hail me. Server sucks.. ;)

It was just a REPAIR query :P.
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21.09.03 Woo, and I'm not even wearing 3d glasses ZoGgEr!

I can't believe I haven't posted about this sooner, really. You should probably know by now, but if you've been somewhere else for a few days, the worms3d demo was first leaked, and then an (albeit rushed) official version was released by Team17.
I would upload the demo to BTP, however it's pretty big, and there are a few different versions. If you have an older athlon / amd whatever tho then it's probably not worth the download. Alot of people haven't even been able to run it. There has been a fix, but it's looking like it won't be in until the final release of the game.
There's more info lingering around on the forum, so if you've missed it and you're interested you might want to take a look there.

edit: I've also added a page to show you how to change what weapons etc. you get in the demo, with a new section for 3d stuff, which will probably be added to, perhaps with a screenshots page.
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18.09.03 We know where you live ZoGgEr!

As pope suggested, I added a "country" section in the profile so you can show where you live and we can discriminate against you discuss our origins. If you care at-all then select your country from the drop down box in the edit profile page. You may recognise this country list from IBB's WebLeague. Yeh, I took the list and images from there - but I get the feeling he took them from worms, so there shouldn't be any probs with that :)

Yeh, and I am trying to get through all these suggestions but after doing some of something I get bored and start coding something else, then when I'm done or bored with that I can't remember what I was doing before. It's slow going with this much to possibly do.
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07.09.03 New Design ZoGgEr!

Just to let you know I added a new design today from C1, which looks nicer when you actually use it compared to the preview IMO :). Take a looky if you wanty.
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05.09.03 PixelMapPack Nearly There! Bloopy

Well the map pack page says 50 maps, but we'll never make that so we're going for at least 25. Currently we have 23 maps, so it won't be long before the pack is released.

If you wanna make a map then you should hurry up ;) Just remember it can be any terrain that says and send it to

If you wanna make a map but you think it will take a while, just make sure you tell me. That way we can wait for your map before we release the map pack.

zog says (unrelated): there's now a couple of new sections in the files sections, Soundbanks, Fanfares and Misc. For the first one at least you're never going to be able to get one under 100k, so you'll have to send them to us to upload :), the other ones; well, it depnds.
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03.09.03 BTP Downtime CBWhiz

MySQL errors up to wazoo.

I bet you'll be glad that I stopped in at btp tonight - thee USERS TABLE CRASHED!

First guestips, then users. Zog should get to the bottom of this...

Congradulations..? XxPYROxX, it appears that your account was the only on effected (and thus deleted) by the crash. You'll have to re-signup, unless zog has a db backup...

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03.09.03 The Zog Returns ZoGgEr!

Just to say I'm now back from meh Holiday, so you can stop forgetting my existance. I was thinking about some little features whilst out of the country, but I've forgotten half of em now, so you might or might not see some of them coded :).

Anyway, yes. hello.
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02.09.03 New User preferance CBWhiz

In your user options, you can now specify to disable forum-specific designs, thus forcing the forums to look consistant.
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29.08.03 New Game Added ReadMe

Yep, you guessed it - for all you gamblers who need something to do with your money - Poker has been added.

It simply uses your BTP money and instructions and scring can be found in-game, but the best bit is that it's only as hackable as any regular page on the site :D

(You'll find it in the games section of the menu)

EDIT: Poker is Back up now for good. Maximum bet is £100, the game has been made more difficult to win. Scoring has been tweaked so you win less and lose more. Also added is a counter for how much you've won at this session.
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25.08.03 New post marker re-added CBWhiz

Heres how it went:
I cnped the select query to phpmyadim, and took over 20 seconds to return (i stop it after 20 sec :D)

Obviously a 20 sec wait is unbearable.

I did an EXPLAIN on it, and noticed that one of the tables, f_read, had NO INDEXES. After adding a few the searched rows thing decresed by like 5000. And, the query returned in under 2 sec.

If you still experiance sluggish page loading tell me.

From testing out other people's accounts (with permission) I have found that the new marker might stay up forever even without new posts. if this happens to you, hit mark all forums read, and that should fix the problem. I belive it was due to an invisible board creation, but im just clasping at straws :D
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23.08.03 Login Errors CBWhiz

I am aware that today many people have been unable to login, this was an unnoticed side effect of me setting up a buffering system, without noticing that Zog alread had a variable to do the same effect I had :D

Oh well, one coder coming in late to a project isnt expected to have knowledge of ALL variables, is he? :D
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23.08.03 Forum Poll Changes CBWhiz

As you've noticed, you can now add up to 5 options directly on the main post screen, and when editing a poll you can add up to 5 additional options at a time.

Every poll now has an abstain option, which simply means you just wanna see the results :D

In addition, you now automagicly abstain from voting your own posts.
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20.08.03 Ghost Gunner (BTP's favorite game!) Updated CBWhiz

I added the ability to sort by any colloun. I am pondering whether or not to add a 'user track' page, which shows you the scoring history, arranged by date, of any one user. You'd be able to track your progress. I also cleaned up the high scores table, no times under 30 seconds and no kills under 10 will be added from now on.

I also updated Pixelflyer, giving it the same features that Ghost Gunner now has. You must score over 50 seconds to get on the high score list, though. I pruned over 7000 games that were under that mark!

In addition, both games now have error reporting skills, so if you get Error Bad Referrer, I'll know about it, and if you convince me you werent cheating, i'll add your score manually :D

On an unrelated note, nobody gets cookies!
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16.08.03 Saturday, stardate, today.001 CBWhiz

A new game, Ghost Gunner, has been added to the arsenal of mind controlling.. um happiness inducing games here at BTP. In preperation for future games, Pixelflyer and Ghost Gunner can be found in a new navbar section, called, appropriotly enough, "Games".
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13.08.03 Yep. ZoGgEr!

Okey, every user now has a little redirect thingy, so that by going to, you will reach your profile page, or another page specified by you, provided the directory isn't already in use ;). To specify your other page, just edit your profile and change the redirect URL.

I also added the little clicky things by the post box in the forum, so you can add stuff to your post with a mere clickety click.

edit: You may now also be significantly richer if you're here alot, Every user has now recieved 2p for every hit they have had, and will continue to get 2p for each one.
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09.08.03 Weekly Lottery Added CBWhiz

Well I finished up the lottery code, you can access it using the left menu or clicking here. I still consider this a beta, and you should too. If you have any issues, comment here, there, or on the forums.

Lotto Update: K, I think it's working well. I added some stats about the winner, but being as there is no winne ryet you cant see them :D. I'm tempted to draw it now, but I guess I can wait till Sunday.
Next Item to work on: Fixing NEW post markers.

Oh, also, I added the posted dates and times to the page comments. i havent quite got around to fixing the 24 hour time formatthere, though, so bear with it :D zog: I'll do that one, it's only a couple of lines ;), unless you mean turning it into 12 hour, in which cas - ugh no.

What I (zog)'ve done, Added the Worms A-Z over on the left, and also did file comments. Just click comments on the appropriate file and it will take you to a page you will no-doubt recognise, with added comment posting available at the bottom.

Also: I (still zog) just reset fictoleague, so you have to check a box to be in. Just go to edit profile and check the box if you want to be in. If you think no-one that's gonna vote knows you, then I wouldn't bother ;).

Aaaand: Bloopy says check out the caption comp, first new pics added since BTP moved servers.
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07.08.03 Do we ever stop? ZoGgEr!

okey, changes for today - finally got round to adding a couple of suggestions, including one from couscous22 before he was banned (return the user to the filetype they submitted when they submit a file). It only works on non-map filetypes at the mo, but I'm sure I'll get round to the next bit soon. I also added bloopy's idea of a random design picked from a few of the better ones for new users, although most ppl won't notice this cause they're already signed up ;).
As well as this, by popular demand (at least 2 people), I added colour maps to the list of filetypes, a lot probably won't fit in the size limit, but, in which case you'll have to send it to the staff, but anything smaller you may have for some reason you can upload.
edit: oh yeh and I also edited the userlist to show some extra info

edit 2: So, I found out why the pages have been going slowly. Since moving to this host the mysql that updates the red new on the left showing when there are new posts in the forum has, it would seem, been running slowly. The specific query takes nearly two seconds on its own. Why? I don't know, it's quite a big query, but we never had this problem on the previous host so I had never realised this was the problem. I've disabled it till' I can work out how it can be made more efficient.
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06.08.03 Site Downtime & Other Stuff CBWhiz

For the last hour or so, you may have noticed one or two or fifty mysql messages on every BTP page. This seems to have been due to someone uploading the wrong file as the main configuration file. Reguardless, I replaced the configuration with an old copy, and the site is now back up :D

I just updated (internally) the super duper main configuration file, and spread it out into sections so its easier for us to add to. There SHOULDNT be any noticable changes or errors here at BTP, but let us know if you see any.

I have changed the user info popups to use "Overlib", and it looks pretty nice. As of yet the style of the popup is the same across all designs. Please give some feedback about how you like it, and if its working at all :D. PS: you need to keep your mouse on the link for 1 sec. before it shows up.
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05.08.03 CBWhiz's Updates (watch this space!) CBWhiz

Zog says: okey, the backup has been restored and I think all of the users there e-mailed to tell you that. Your old passwords should be back to normal. :D

Anyway, back to Mr. whiz:
-Became sorry about the password mixup
-Added Pixelflyer version that works in Netscape
-Added timestamps to new Pixelflyer Scores
-Added User Icons (the little people icon) to most forum pages.
-Updated User Icons to differantiate between Banned, Anonymous, and Unregistered.
-Updated Forum Index providing a direct link to newest topic
-Removed ability to check who wrote an anonymous message from the 'view all comments' page
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05.08.03 More news that's too broad for a title ZoGgEr!

Well, Done some more stuff, you've no-doubt noticed the little people by alot of username's on the site. I'm trying to convert as many pages as possible to include this, is shows who has what status, and it makes it easier for me to link to profiles, which isn't really done enough, making it hard to see someone's profile when you want to.
Also I've now written editing for posts on house forums, hooray. No deleting yet, or editing /deleting of threads. Yes, I'm slow.
As well as this I've made a worms A-Z page, it's not uploaded yet, while I think about whether it would be a good idea to add wormopeadia items. If so, it'll take a lot longer.
There's probably more, including the fact that CBWhiz is now staff, and may actually be doing a bit of coding.

[S]Bloopy says: just testing user link in news posts.
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01.08.03 Titles Elude Me ZoGgEr!

Just to keep you people updated, I've got basic house forums working. They need a bit of adding to tho, can't even edit yer posts yet. And the problem that C1 had, not being able to see the forum, was just a simple 'oops wrong variable' mistake I made.
Also I pagified the all words page, so now you don't have to wait for the odd megabyte or 2 to load to see who has the latest landmark word.

edit: oh yes, I re-implemented the security thing, but the question is whether it worked... CBWhiz?

edit: Apparently not perfectly
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25.07.03 The frequency of a question ZoGgEr!

heh, added a FAQ today. It's not finished yet in terms of the questions there, but admins can add questions through the admin panel.

Also, I never posted about the adding of houses. Yeh, you can buy houses now. Go to the estate agent to look at the range available :).

You can also now choose to block someone on the pm system if they're annoying you, thanks to evil pixel for the idea. heh. Hold on, I'm thanking a pixel. oh well.
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15.07.03 Server Move Complete ReadMe

If you are reading this, then the DNS nameservers have been updated properly and you are now viewing the actual website. Feel free to post and add any important stuff you were waiting to do, it wont be lost now.

You'll have to wait for confirmation from ZoGgEr that all of the bugs have been ironed out, atm the only one I've noticed is that the separate designs for the individual forums aren't working at the moment (zog: fixed :))

EDIT: hmm, btp is v. unreliable atm, every few pages there tends to be an error about exceeding the maximum connections, I'm trying to work out how to reduce the number of connections made, but I on't think that it's going to be possible. heh.
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06.07.03 New Staff Member ReadMe

A StaffHello everyone, I've just been promoted to the newest staff member because erm. Well I'll have to get back to you on that one, anyway - watch your backs.
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03.07.03 Why no news? ZoGgEr!

Why no news? dunno, must've been too busy thinking of targets. There have been a few little updates since I last posted, but nothing major. I added money to the profiles today, but as of yet there's not much you can do with it, just donate it to other people, and who wants to only be able to give their money away? heh. I'll probably be adding some ways to win money sometime, such as gettin a top 10 score on pixelflier or some other such things.
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20.06.03 Korean Worms xkillAx

Well I dont know if this is news worthy but, a couple of months ago i posted about Korean worms well know you can get the passwords you were asking about! They are availible at then go to rhe prgrams section
Good Luck!
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16.06.03 Forum addition ZoGgEr!

Hmm, I've always thought forums needed this, It just didn't occur to me to actually do it until now...
The "this" I speak of is being able to have a "pre-signature" on the "forums". This is "basically" just a "sig" that "appears" at the "top" of your post instead of below it. It could possibly get a bit "out of hand", but I'm sure it'll be "regulatable".

yep - I went a bit "quote crazy" on that post...

edit: heh, I've now also added a "target for today" bit on the left hand box on this here index page. Remember to fulfill your targets every day, or the pixel might get you :P
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15.06.03 Another update ZoGgEr!

Righty, you can now add dates that happen yearly to the calendar, and even give them an associated number such as an age which will increase each year (or decrease in the earlier years). I've converted all of the birthdays that have already been added, but obviously I don't know the ages.
I've also added some smilies that c1 sent me, see them in the change smilies page.
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13.06.03 File Update ZoGgEr!

Phew, I added a bunch of new map types to the list available, most of them races, which involved a fair bit of editing by me. heh.
There are a couple of maps whose filetypes I'm not sure of, so if you think one of these maps could be from you, check the "other" section. The rest of the files in the other section do actually belong there tho. :).
One day I may get round to adding sections for soundbanks, and also W:A/WWP backgrounds etc.
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12.06.03 Stuff everywhere... ZoGgEr!

seeing as people couldn't really agree on where the news posts should be put, I've now made it up to you. Through your profile you can choose which post you want the welcome message after and which post you want the two boxes after, or even hide either of them completely. The default is one news post, then the boxes & welcome message, but if you feel like a change you can now have one. The only limitation is that if you have them after the same news post, the boxes must come before the welcome message.
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11.06.03 A Date To Remember ZoGgEr!

Okey, added a calendar today, to which you can add all of your wormy events, or even non wormy, if you think we might care ;). Basically add anything you like. It can be an event in the past too. The chances are that no-one will bother looking at the old dates, but I may add something to list all the events on the calendar.
Right, that's all I wanted to say methinks. Toodles :).

edit: I've also moved the first news post up here. tell me what you think :)
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10.06.03 brr... feeling chilly ZoGgEr!

Heh, added a new design from vahagn, the IceBlue design (hence the title), which no-doubt also matches his smily set ;).
In case you didn't notice, I also added a worms smily set from bloopy a couple of days ago, and may be adding some from c1 too soon.
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04.06.03 Ooch ZoGgEr!

yes, 16 hours of downtime yesterday, maybe that qualifies for money back from the host :). It would be nice to have a better server, but they're all too expensive. heh.

Anyway, a big point here is the sig scripts, when BTP is down they tend to cause problems on other forums in which sig scripts are used, ie slowing down the pages. This can be avoided if you use a sig with images in. Just change the code that you are using a bit so that all you get when BTP is down is a broken image rather than a slow page. The new code, that has been available for a while, is available by viewing your sig on the view a sig page.
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25.05.03 Small Stuff ZoGgEr!

Couple of little updates. Today, you can now block individual user's sigs on the forum if you feel that way inclined.
Also over the past couple of days I've added some other small stuff, mainly the l33tiser and the text reverser. Always fun :).
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19.05.03 Maths (addition, to be precise) ZoGgEr!

Okey, added a few new smily sets to the list today, one from vahagn, and a couple from DeviantArt.
Second - It's been a long time coming, but you can finally edit the actual files and their previews. I haven't made a change of filetype possible yet, but that should be coming soon, although that's what I said about file changing.
Finally, I added a little new option to the change design page, to give you a random design on every page you visit. exciting, eh?

edit: Okay, so I say finally above, but I've just gone and added space in your profile to enter more contact details and website info, due to popular (2+ people(!)) demand. I've also added the poll to most of the Startpage designs, not sure about the positioning tho. Just check the startpage styles page for more info.
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18.05.03 Smile! ZoGgEr!

heheh, just added a little new feature. You can now choose a different smily set to use. As with everything I make, there's currently only one other slighly shoddy looking choice, but more will probably be added soon. Just click on change smilies on the left to take a look.
And as with everything, if you feel like making any smilies then feel free to send them in and I'll add them ASAP. ;)
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12.05.03 Korean worms xkillAx

Hi all, there is a worms game I found called korean worms. It's real good, just like W:A with more goodies; ranks, easier roping etc...
There are 1.5 million players and most of them speak English.
Download it at It is 67mb.
Have Fun!
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09.05.03 Chat Chat Chat - no my teeth are not chattering ZoGgEr!

Heh, well I added a chatroom yesterday, just didn't get the time to post about it. So if you get bored you can now come and chat in the chatroom too! provided there's some other bored soul lurking in there...
The chat is provided by and seems to work pretty well :)
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05.05.03 Go Shopping with BTP - finally.... ZoGgEr!

Phew, well, after many months of not quite getting round to it, I finally got the BTP Shop up, ready for you to buy from.
Just remember, BTP doesn't actually make any profit on this, and neither do I, so it's not some money grabbing scam on my part ;).
I also haven't ordered any of my own products, so I can't tell exactly how they are going to look, I would however expect them to look as they do at the shop.
Anyway, anow I've said all that, have fun shopping, or at least looking at the array of very similar products...

As well as the shop stuff, I've also updated a couple of other small things. Couldn't possibly tell you what they are tho, seeing as I can't remember myself :rolleyes:

Update: I've now also added a new page for Ben's comix. :)
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02.05.03 Index page update ZoGgEr!

Well, as I said before, the index page was running out of "screen real estate" - thus I have done a bit of fiddling with the index page, and have made it appear how it is now. If anyone has any probs with the new layout (ie it doesn't fit on a low resolution, perhaps), then contact me. ;)
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30.04.03 Design number 11... ZoGgEr!

Heh, yet another design, this one fairly similar to the last one, looks fairly good methinks... As always, click the "change design" link on the left to change the design. If you're not signed up, then sign up ;).
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27.04.03 Poll added ZoGgEr!

Yes, due to um.. popular... demand, there is now a poll.
If you live in Britain, you've probably seen the adverts, if you live somewhere else, at least you haven't been influenced, but the first question is: daddy or chips? take a look at the box on the top right to see the poll.
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22.04.03 Sig Script Update & A New Design! ZoGgEr!

For those of you who want to show random sigs on a forum that doesn't have HTML enabled - you now can! By linking to sigimg.php as an image, you can now get a random image using the [img] tag. For more instructions on using it, view a sig you have already made, or create a new one with images in.
I would also advise changing over to the new scripts for anyone else that is using an image based sigs, as the script tag is less widely supported, and can cause problems with the page it is on if BTP goes down.

Update: I've also added a new design... This is the "Map" design, probably the best that I've made yet, take a look by clicking on the "change design" link on the left.
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20.04.03 Rate-A-Sig stuff ZoGgEr!

Well, I've done a little cleaning up of the raate a sig page, and removed some of the broken images from the list. However, there are a lot of these because of the IMA hosting sig clearout. If you had sigs on ima, then I beg you - reupload them!

Edit: I've also added a top 10s page in the files section - this lists the top 10s relating to files. I may also add a top 10 file uploaders etc. later on.
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18.04.03 Tiny Update ZoGgEr!

If you use the forum, and are bored of seeing the red "new" appear every time there's a new post on a forum that you don't have the slightest bit of interest in, you can now set the forum to ignore - meaning the red new won't appear if that is the only forum with new posts on. To set your ignore settings, go to the forum and click on "Set forums to ignore" on the top right of the forum list, by mark all forums read.
Anyway, told you it was tiny, and to most people it is.
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16.04.03 Page Comments & More ZoGgEr!

Right, as suggested by Tony, I have put a limit on so that you only see the last ten comments for a page. You can still see the old comments - just click on view all ;). I thought you might like to know that just in-case anyone started to wonder where the page comments had gone.
If anyone has any objections to this; let me know... :)

And now for an edit to this news post; I've just added the Ask The Pixel Blamer section, so you can now ask and answer questions of and from those who blame the pixel. What's the point? I don't know - Will it work? I don't know. heh, we'll see. Still, if your bored, go there and ask / answer some questions. The section was made, btw, because of the suggestion from MtlAngelus
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12.04.03 Another Iccle Update ZoGgEr!

Stuff I've changed over the last couple of days:
Time-zones - you can now set your time zone so that all the times on the site are synchronised.
Download counter: Files now have a download counter, it's only counting from today though.
something else: there must've been, just can't remember what...
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06.04.03 Yet more stuff added ZoGgEr!

I added the "BTScrewUp" page today, where you can add stories of how your turn got screwed up by the pixel. Semi sent me this idea via e-mail, so thanks there.
I also added that blue banner that is at the top of the blue design to the link to us section, as well as a new, previously unseen, banner.
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02.04.03 New Page Design... ZoGgEr!

Well, I've just added the latest page design. This one (perhaps surprisingly), is by Thorask. So, thanks to Thor, and hurrah for new mildly green design.
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29.03.03 Sig Uploader ZoGgEr!

Okey, well I decided to finally add a sig uploader to BTP. A response to wormiverse? perhaps, but competition is a good thing for you ppl ;). And it's only friendly IMO. Another possible reason for me adding a sig uploader was the amount of space I'm using dramatically plunging. My guess is it's always been as low as it is, but the log files have been taking up a lot of space. Now the only worry is bandwidth.
So, if you've got a sig to upload, you now can, just click on "upload sig" under "sig uploader" to add it.
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24.03.03 Another Staff Member ZoGgEr!

Well, this s really yesterday's news, but I added Killa to the staff. Not much else to say other than that so, um, that's it....

No, really, that's it.
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20.03.03 IMA sig hosting ZoGgEr!

Hmm, well as I saw posted on the WSL site, IMA sig hosting are doing an annual clearout of sigs, so you have to backup any sigs that may be uploaded there and then reupload them when there done... Otherwise... :O.
Go to for more info, and make sure they're out by April 9th.
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15.03.03 Quick Responses Galore ZoGgEr!

well, one quick response to that news post from yesterday. I've added annelid to the staff, so um.. hello. heh.
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14.03.03 Staff ZoGgEr!

Well, we're kind of lacking in staff members... with drazzle having to leave and ben completely disappearing, there's only 2 of us left.
So if anyone feels like being staff, just say somewhere and we'll think about it.
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12.03.03 And an 8th... ZoGgEr!

Yep, there is now an eigth design to choose from, this one being the "blue" design. It's pretty blue, as you may have guessed. Well, if you want to try it, take a look at the "change design" page.

I also added the site to the Topworms top 25 as per Bloopy's suggestion. What can I say but "vote." In-fact I think I'll say it.
meheh, there y'ar.
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05.03.03 Another Page Design ZoGgEr!

I added a new design in the style of the old GoD clan site. I was inspired by the BTP history I had just written, methinks, and as always, a bit bored. I'm not sure about all the table colours, but we'll see.
Apart from that, nothing else much to say...
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03.03.03 A History, and a long one at that ZoGgEr!

Heh, well I've just gone and written a rather long history of BTP, so I'll make the news post short, you can see it in about if you're really interested... :)
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19.02.03 BlameTheRedirect ZoGgEr!

feel like an address for your website? Well, inevitably (I am posting this news, after all), you can have one, or two, or 20. Click on About on BTRedirect for more info. There you can set up your own redirects easily, provided you're logged in.
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17.02.03 Forum Still Improving ZoGgEr!

I added a bunch of new features today, mostly not noticeable to the user. It is improvement though. Forums can now have moderators that aren't the actual BTP page admins. It's now possible for admins to make stickies and announcements as well. I'm hoping the new post markers work, but hey, it's not like anyone's used the forum since yesterday :) (:().

The big new thing, though, is the PM system, which works. It also tells you up the top of the page when you have a new PM. It's not fully tested, but I'm pretty sure it should work.
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16.02.03 New Forum Now Up! ZoGgEr!

Well, the old forum seems to've magically repaired itself, but since I've gone and written my own forum, I figure I should use that.

It's not finished yet, and still needs quite a bit of work, but go to "Go There" on the left to reach the forum, which is nice and integrated with the BTP site. I have left the old forum up, but I will take it down eventually. Space doesn't last forever.
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15.02.03 New Forum Update ZoGgEr!

Well, I'm working on that new forum, writing one myself that is. It's going quite well so far. I've got it integrated with the site so that BTP users are the forum users, and I've got as far as posting new threads, editing and deleting, and that's basically all you need for a simple forum! It looks quite nice too ;). None of the other admin functions have been written yet, but that's what I'll be doing next.
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14.02.03 Forum Probs... ZoGgEr!

Hmm, well we seem to be having some problems with the forum :(, and well, I don't have a clue what's wrong. Or whether it's just me having the problem. If anyone has any clues, tell me :).

Still, maybe this'll lead to me writing a new forum :D, and at least page comments still work, they're more active than the forum...
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04.02.03 New Startpage ZoGgEr!

Bloopy (being ever eager to design things ;)) has designed a new StartPage Design for the startpage service thing you can find on the left. BTStartPage isn't used by a huge amount of people, but customised start pages are alot better than the advert filled msn, and certain other startpages. So why not take a look ;). Yep, I used the wink smily twice in one post... (You may notice they're now actually images :D)

UPDATE: I seem to update every news post I make...

Another Update: I've also added another simple design; The compact design. It only works in IE, but allows you to flick the side bars in and out. Exciting, eh? :)
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01.02.03 Goodbye Hits Overview... ZoGgEr!

Well, I got bored of the old User List page, so I gave it an iccle revamp, and got rid of the hits overview page. Instead, you can now get the info, that was in the hits overview, on the user list page. Just thought I'd share that interesting piece of information, whether it made sense or not...

Update: Heh, I was bored again so I also made an utterly pointless and very cheap design, so visit the design changing page, and take a look at the messy design! ;)
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31.01.03 Missions on BTP ZoGgEr!

I decided that maybe enough WWP user missions have been made to warrant a missions section, so if you make missions, get uploading.
I also decided in a moment of madness to up the file size limit to 100KB, so now the server space will decrease at an even faster rate! hooray ;).

And another thing, If your mouse has a scroll wheel and your itching to use it, you can now get some (perhaps) interesting stats at the bottom of the hits-overview page. It's a fairly long page. Not as long as the PixelFlyer Full Hi-Scores page though.
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28.01.03 BTP is an Un-officially Recognised Acronym ZoGgEr!

Heheh, well I submitted BTP to the Acronym-Finder, and to my surprise it was added, as you can see here. I wouldn't go submitting all your clan initials though, they probably wouldn't be very happy. heheh.
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25.01.03 Woo, two posts in as many days! ZoGgEr!

I just wanted to post to say that I've updated the "Change Design" page to reflect the number of people using that specific design, just in-case you were interested in knowing these utterly useless bits of information. A bit like the number of members and the number of files thing I wrote as well. Hmm, oh well.

Also; lol. I just noticed a little mistake where everyone was getting double hits for every page. I'm not sure when I accidentally started this, but it means the hits overview is gonna be a bit out. Oops.
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24.01.03 I Miss the News Form ZoGgEr!

Well, I just miss my form for posting news, so I had to post something. By the looks of things Dextah090 has won the BTP tourney though, so congrats there. What we don't know is where ben has gone, he hasn't been here in 11 days...

Well, that's my waffle for today. Hello news form, goodbye everyone else.
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22.12.02 New League is here ! BenServ

every1, and are united in a project. WCL, Worms Clan league is now launched, go to and sign your clan!
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15.12.02 WA BlameThePixel Monthly Prize Tournament DrazzleBoD

Well, getting underway in the new year which arrives very soon, will be the launch of a monthly tournament with a prize for 1st place.

For January the tournament will be played on special maps created by (hopefully) Bloopy with a special scheme created by me. The prize for the first tournament will be a PC or PS2 game/product. Winner will get to choose what game they want as a prize.

To learn more and to sign up go to the BTP Tournament Forum here:

BTP Tourney Forum
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11.12.02 PixelMapPack Update Bloopy

Well we've got 5 maps so far. Make any kind of map at all that says and send it in! And remember, if you wanna make just a little part of a map and have someone else make the rest, you can do that too.
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09.12.02 The Oracle of Stupidity ZoGgEr!

Got a problem? ask the pixel! It can help you with all kinds of problems! just go to Ask The Pixel on the left and ask away...
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04.12.02 festive spirit BenServ

Happy chrismas (and hanuka) from the staff
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29.11.02 small news BenServ

new captions added to the caption competition. please dont forget to check it.
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22.11.02 hello ZoGgEr!

ello, just posting to say I'm still alive ;). And to remind you to keep on posting your words for word association, and to add your sigs to rate-a-sig! As well as visit the forum. If you have any suggestions, I really want to hear them, so go go!
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13.11.02 Caption Competition! ZoGgEr!

Meheh, there's now a caption competition in the "Fun" section. Take a look and submit your own captions, as well as rating the ones already submitted.

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10.11.02 StartPage Stylation ZoGgEr!

I added a couple of new startpages today, made 'em while back but never got round to uploading 'em... They're on BtStartPage->styles if you want to take a look. And if you have absolutely no idea what I'm on about, go to BTStartPage->About
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08.11.02 Another Design ZoGgEr!

Well, I made another design, very quickly, based on the old PBA (Pixel Blaming Army) site. Yet again, go to change design to have a look. It's not bootiful, but if you want to see how this site would look if it was still the PBA, then go there...

And, if you want a history of BTP/PBA, visit the forum, ben posted a history thread in General Discussion. You may have noticed he hasn't posted any comix in a while... He'll be back to them soon, as explained in the comix debate forum.

Anyway, toodly pip, as they don't say.
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07.11.02 Bloopyness ZoGgEr!

Heh, okey bloopy has made a vn new design for BTP, I've added it on and if you want to take a look go to "change design." 'tis a lot nicer than my green design...
Also I've hosted a forum for Bloopy's site (, just in-case you wanted to know.
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04.11.02 Don't like that plain 'ol BTP design? ZoGgEr!

Switch to a different one instead! There's currently only one alternative, and it's not amazing, it was more of a test to make sure it worked... Anyway, go to Change Design on the left and take a look at what else you can get, hopefully there'll be more designs coming soon, possibly one from Aspin... If you spot any bugs in what I've done, then don't hesitate to tell me.
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29.10.02 Link To Us! ZoGgEr!

Yes, if you want to link to us, there are now a couple of 90*30 linky images you can get to use as a link. Just click on "Link To Us" on the left to find them, it's even in 2 places, just to make sure you find it ;)
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26.10.02 Rate-A-Sig! ZoGgEr!

I just keep posting twice a day...
Anyway, on the left, click on one of the Rate-A-Sig links for a rateable sig gallery. You can add your own sigs for people to rate as well.
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26.10.02 Comment Away! ZoGgEr!

You can now post comments on all news posts, including user news. And don't forget, you're not gonna keep me off the top spot on PixelFlyer for long... :P
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23.10.02 Pixel Flying... ZoGgEr!

Here, the theme to the snowman springs to mind... Click on PixelFlyer for a game I wrote yesterday in javascript.
Update: Hi-scores are now available!

And remember, we want your maps for the PixelMapPack, even if you're not a map-maker, have a go. If you are a map maker, then treat it as inspiration, it's no extra effort than making any other map, so why not just make one? Maybe I should make an incentive... hmm...
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23.10.02 IMPORTANT!! BenServ

everyone! please! visit our forums. its our way to communicate with you. I see lots of people visiting the forum but most of them not even registered!
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22.10.02 ClanSites is here... And Pixel Map Packs! ZoGgEr!

Yes, if you need a site for your clan, take a look at clansites on the left. Most people probably won't know what ClanSites is, if you want to know, just go to the section. It may or may not be of interest to you...
Again, I'll be adding more designs for ClanSites as time goes on, but for now there's just one. Ok, that's all... :D

Oh wait, it's not! We're also trying to make a map-pack of 50 maps that are all pixel related. Take a look at the link to "PixelMapPack" on the left to find out how you can help. I've recruited Bloopy to help get those map submissions sorted out.
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19.10.02 BlameTheStartPage! ZoGgEr!

Yes, you can now BlameTheStartPage by clicking BTStartPage on the left. From here you can create your own start page with links that go where you want them to. I'll be adding different styles over time as well, if you want a specific one or have an idea for one, just contact me...

In other issues, Ben is now posting his 'comix' hopefully daily on the forum, look under fun on the left to find them! dont be afraid to reply to the comix. give him suggestsion and criticise his work.
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15.10.02 Quick Update... ZoGgEr!

heyhey, I just noticed that on the sig scripts you couldn't change what type of script it was, so I've fixed that if you (m0nk?) had probs.
Also, you can now check how many hits each person has had since 8:20PM GMT tonight, just click "hits overview" on the left.
That was another trivial update from me... Bye.
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14.10.02 help us!!! BenServ

If you hate the pixels as much as we are, then you must sign our petition now! Click here to visit
the "make all pixels illegal" petition
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13.10.02 you're not alone! BenServ

we now have a "who is online" script on the btp site, its at the bottom of the right column.

You can also click "active users" on the left for more detail
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10.10.02 Hello All DrazzleBoD

Just posting to say thanks to ZoGeEr (Ed: it's ZoGgEr :P) for taking me on as staff. I'll be the map tester for BlameThePixel. :)
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10.10.02 Staff Stuff ZoGgEr!

Okey, I just made DrazzleBoD a staffy person, he'll be doing map testing and other general moderation stuff.. soo, hi. :D
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09.10.02 Uh... Stuff. ZoGgEr!

Below the words "Word Association" on the right, click the link that says "all" to view all the words that have been posted!

Another thing, If anyone would like to be a moderator person either on the forum or the site, just contact me at or in the forum. At the mo we need people to try out a few of the maps for the "map picks" bit, and general moderation stuff.
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09.10.02 Forums BenServ

come on all! i remind you we have a forum and we really want it to work so dont be afraid to post things there! not have to be about pixels. Also, request a forum! its easy and fun.

ZoGs Edit: Also, don't forget to post maps, there's 56 at the mo, but we need more(!)
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05.10.02 SimpleLeague on BTP. And stuff. ZoGgEr!

Well, for those of you that haven't heard of SimpleLeague, it's a free league script that I wrote, a bit like WebLeague in that sense. Since the old host of the SL site started charging, it wasn't up on the internet anywhere. Today, though, I uploaded the SL site again. It can now be found on the menu of BTP...

Another new thingy I made is FictoLeague being on the side of every page, just below Word Association. That might get you voting on more games...
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03.10.02 Forum Hosting ZoGgEr!

Just thought I'd say... If you want a forum hosted, I'm happy to do it, just gimme an email at
K. That's all
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02.10.02 Forums-R-Us ZoGgEr!

If only I had a backward R... Anyway..
I've just uploaded a phpBB, it still uses SubSilver, but I've changed a couple of little details relating to the look. Unfortunately, you're gonna have to sign up again for the forum. A downside, but I figured it would be best to upload it now rather than spend all the time integrating the forum and the page...

Also, thanks to the people that have uploaded files already, it's good to have lots of submissions.
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30.09.02 Hooray! Welcome! ZoGgEr!

meheheh, anyway... Welcome to BlameThePixel, here's the first news post.
Basically all I have to say is HF and Enjoy! The site is basically still in teething, and I'm hoping I won't over-run the bandwidth limit. So, don't expect it to be perfect, there are still some bits under construction, and we need some submissions too.
Anyway, that's all. HF (again)
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