30.09.12 10 years of Pixel Blaming [S]Zogger!
BlameThePixel is 10 today. I got a cake but it was stolen by pixels :(

Your Comments:

[]Spleet Said:
Ten years? This is the oldest community that I'm a part of. Thank you all. Thank you very much. :)
[17.10.12 08:35 AM]

[S]Bloopy Said:
Yeah, party hard! We zogging, we zogging. How about a cake made of win and megapixels: /nikon-cake
[25.10.12 03:22 AM]

[ES]Pioneer322 Said:
Why blame them today, when we can blame them tomorrow? We have another 10 years to go!
[24.11.12 02:35 AM]

[]DrewWho Said:
Happy Birthday >8]
[19.12.12 09:42 AM]

[]SouthX Said:
I used to spend so much time here. Now I'm just old
[08.01.13 08:07 PM]

[]SnipeR Said:
hb :D
[22.10.13 12:00 PM]

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