29.07.10 Worms Reloaded gets a release date [S]Bloopy
There's a new 2D Worms game coming to PC. It's called Worms Reloaded and it'll be released on Steam. It's based on the previous Worms game for Xbox. The game is download-only for now, but a retail version may be released later.

The release date is 26th August. There's no word yet on how annoying the pixels in the game will be. Some players have had the chance to beta test it, so perhaps they can tell us.

Your Comments:

[]Atomic52 Said:
Sup Bloopy.
[01.08.10 01:58 PM]

[S]Bloopy Said:
Just installed Steam on Friday, having lots of fun playing Audiosurf. Sup yourself? What's your Steam id? PlanetBloopy is mine.
[02.08.10 01:35 AM]

[]TheAbdBoy Said:
It's you. That guy. The talented one.

[02.08.10 01:35 AM]

[S]Bloopy Said:
Nice comment timing. Now I'm the talented one.
[02.08.10 01:38 AM]

[]TheAbdBoy Said:
That is who I was referring too.
[02.08.10 03:29 AM]

[]SPAZ Said:
I HAVE MINE PREORDERED, thanks to the lovely Abd. My steam id is dan_levy. Add me anyone?
[02.08.10 05:49 PM]

[]MrrLL Said:
This purchase is debatable. The effects look like they were downgraded.. and a max of four players in a game?
[04.08.10 05:41 AM]

[S]Bloopy Said:
Well, it's based on a console game, so I expect it to be a bit clunky. More than 4 players requires a long attention span. I'd rather not be in games where people get bored and exit.

PS. I thought you were dead MrrLL, lolololol?!

[04.08.10 06:34 AM]

[]MrrLL Said:
Ah, I see.

Haha, I remember that. I haven't posted anything on this website for about five or six years.

[04.08.10 04:40 PM]

[]TheAbdBoy Said:
It's the magnet.
[10.08.10 02:30 AM]

[]SPAZ Said:
BTP has a reason to exist once more. :D
[12.08.10 07:46 PM]

[]Zippy Said:
This game is alright, but it doesn't have that magic Worms touch. I mean actual worms, not like dicks or anything.
[28.08.10 09:05 AM]

[S]Bloopy Said:
I think it does. Online play is holding my attention for a lot longer than W4M, at least.
[29.08.10 07:13 AM]

[]TheAbdBoy Said:
any cool maps out?
[03.09.10 01:45 AM]

[S]Bloopy Said:
I dunno. Try or the sticky Maps thread on the Steam forums.
[03.09.10 02:06 AM]

[]TheAbdBoy Said:
So the answer is no. Thanks.
[05.09.10 05:04 PM]

[]qarrpizz Said:
[06.09.10 01:17 PM]

[]Zippy Said:
Gonna be honest, the lack of some weapons killed my erection.
[07.09.10 08:42 AM]

[B]Hanna Said:
hi all
nice to meet you all

[16.08.11 04:01 AM]

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