Random Proper Excuse: Its the Noobs 50th anniversary, and i thort i may as well add to the occation - Bobsley

22.03.13 Worms Armageddon on Steam [S]Bloopy
Quite possibly the greatest game in history is now more readily available than ever! Worms Armageddon can now be bought standalone on Steam. Previously Steam users could only get it if they pre-ordered Worms Revolution.

Warning: may contain pixels.
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Worm Facing RightWelcomeWorm Facing Left

Yes, welcome to a new incarnation from me, zogger. I'm not sure who really wants a nation in their car, but hey, don't blame me, blame the one who invented the word. Oh yes, and Blame The PixelTM

The Idea of BlameThePixelTM, was to merge a few old sites of mine, and add some new features. These sites would be the PBA, ZoMArch, the RSSG and W:CS. It also includes another new bit, the "HELP!" section. Go there to find or submit articles about a number of different wormy or possibly non-wormy things, designed to help you and other players get the help they're looking for. So, this all culminates to produce this wormy website; BlameThePixel.

It's simple enough to navigate, just click those lefty links and off you go. Also on the right of every page is Word-Association. I would be surprised if you've never heard of this before, it's played alot on forums. The panelly thing on the right shows the last 15 words submitted and their authors, the newest of these is at the bottom. All you have to do is think of a word that's associated to that one. Shimple Shtuff. Enter that word in the box, et voila, your word is added to the list for someone else to add to. You can't submit twice in a row, that would be a tad pointless, as would trying.

Remember, you can also submit your own files and help articles for instant addition. These are moderated, and the moderators will be picking out the ones they think are the best of the lot.

So, HF with the site, hopefully you and many other wormers will find it useful.

If you are trying to find infomation about how to fix hosting problems, This thread may help you...

30.09.12 10 years of Pixel Blaming [S]Zogger!
BlameThePixel is 10 today. I got a cake but it was stolen by pixels :(
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29.10.11 The Pixel Blaming Army gains a member! [S]Bloopy
All evidence points to Zogger having fathered a child, and therefore congratulations are in order. There's a new Zog-sprog on the block and her name is Scarlet. Here's hoping she grows to learn the true menace of our pesky dot-like enemies!

I think we should declare Zogger as the winner of Proper Excuses for having come up with the best excuse ever.
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29.07.10 Worms Reloaded gets a release date [S]Bloopy
There's a new 2D Worms game coming to PC. It's called Worms Reloaded and it'll be released on Steam. It's based on the previous Worms game for Xbox. The game is download-only for now, but a retail version may be released later.

The release date is 26th August. There's no word yet on how annoying the pixels in the game will be. Some players have had the chance to beta test it, so perhaps they can tell us.

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09.04.10 THE WAR IS COMING [S]Bloopy
Are you ready?

That is all.
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What's new, pixels?
[04.05.11 03:47 AM]

[B]Dr. House Said:
Hey I still have all PMs of the admins :D
[29.05.11 12:56 PM]

[S]Bloopy Said:
You still have PMS.
[01.06.11 02:54 AM]

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[13.08.11 11:07 PM]

[]TheAbdBoy Said:
first comment of 2012 on the main page. whoop whoop.
[05.01.12 03:34 AM]

[S]Bloopy Said:
Tempted to delete that and claim first myself, if claiming first wasn't lame. :P
[11.01.12 07:51 AM]

[]Unvalidated Emailnadiya2000 Said:
Worms are coming in osu!
Come and make this skin in 404 not found

[01.02.12 10:34 AM]

[]TheAbdBoy Said:
sup naggers?
[19.08.12 07:21 PM]

[S]Bloopy Said:
Nut moch
[30.08.12 11:50 PM]

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