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You know I'm a dancing machine

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Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 - 07:58:57 AM
In thread: Team17 forum orphanage #2
On forum: BlameTheGeneralDiscussion
Hi, my name is zog. I was member number 114 on the team17 forums. Forgive me father for I have not visited them in many years. Also, every time I come to this crazy website I have to reset my password. (I got a google alert about this thread)...
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Friday, October 23rd, 2009 - 09:29:06 PM
In thread: help pio choose a map
On forum: BlameTheGeneralOffTopic
I'm glad you thought of me...
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Friday, October 09th, 2009 - 08:34:53 PM
In thread: ShoutMeUp... to be Twitterized?
On forum: BlameTheGeneralDiscussion
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Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 - 08:55:31 PM
In thread: pie
On forum: BlameTheGeneralOffTopic
Open to interpretation. I just noticed the time I posted that (according to my adjusted time zone... which is completely wrong, might well be on server time actually) was 13:37. It's no coincidence To commemorate this day I have adjusted my windows clock format _______________
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Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 - 05:37:37 PM
In thread: pie
On forum: BlameTheGeneralOffTopic
mmm π...
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Last 5 page comments

12.09.06 10:42 PM
On page: /index.php

anyone for compost bins?
04.07.06 10:11 PM
On page: /index.php

back from the dead!
06.02.06 01:22 PM
On page: /viewnewcomments.php

sorry about that, forgot to chmod the pet directory..
12.10.05 04:57 PM
On page: /pet_view.php

lol, no. fake money. You currently have 1.24
18.08.05 01:28 PM
On page: /pet_view.php

This user's comments: (show all 11 comments)

[]joetheeskimo5 Said:
Haha! Second comment! Nothing will stop me from taking control of the web now.
[17.08.05 04:45 PM]

[G]emberstrife Said:
Your profile comments now belong to me!
[16.09.05 12:57 PM]

[S]Zogger! steals them back
[17.09.05 10:51 AM]

[G]sargetron Said:
wb zog ;)
[28.04.06 09:52 AM]

[ES]Pioneer322 Said:
Bitches! they're surpasses now!
[30.04.06 05:45 AM]

[G]firagazero Said:
Can u give me a clansite?my email is
[17.06.06 11:44 PM]

[]birtek Said:
Is there to look round one's statistics in worms the programme on this side? (You points, how many pkt to the next degree, have how many pkt on the example, and this similar)
[17.08.06 01:30 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
i want to rate you up but youre just on 20 :D
[28.02.07 03:00 PM]

[]MilesPrower Said:
Can you please delete my PMs cuz they don't want to be deleted :(???
[14.06.08 07:53 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
the last comment of zogger on his own profile was omgrofllol 3 years ago xd
[18.07.08 11:43 PM]

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