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-Schemes are not cross compatible between games, and must be downloaded seperately for each one They are places in /user/schemes in W:A &WWP
-Flags & Graves are cross-compatible, place them in /user/flags or /user/graves. When you click the download link you will probably see a BMP alone in the window. Right click it and choose to save it to the appropriate directory
-Missions will only work on WWP, extract the mission file from inside the zip to /user/missions. If you do not have this folder, you should just be able to create it
-Programs vary in requirements from program to program, there is normally a readme inside the file that tells you exactly how to use it.
-W:A Game Recordings will only work on W:A, extract the zip to /user/Games, or probably wherever you like, and double click the file. You must have the W:A beta patch or greater to view these recordings. The basic idea is just to upload an interesting video of your moves, for example.

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File PreviewWorms Weapons Database (Program / Utility)
This program is basically just a small Wormopedia of the weapons and utilities in W:A, WWP and W2. This includes fictional worms items as well. - Comments Zippy []Zippy 611 [Download] (274 KB)
-SerbianTheme v1.01 (Program / Utility)
This is Serbian Theme.You can install it and unistall it. There is 4 download links cause i cant uplod on BTP cause it is over 5 mb.For Install just read ReadMe. GL & HF. Hope you like it :).Comment and Subscribe. - Comments SRBENDA []SRBENDA [W:A]337 [Download] (255 B)
File PreviewNew HQ sound effects v1.2 (Program / Utility)
I added this because 2 sounds has to be swapped and a little bit edited... Download link inside. Be free to rate, comment and enjoy! - Comments IcyPRO []IcyPRO [W:A][WWP]461 [Download] (203 B)
-SpriteEddy v1.01 (Program / Utility)
SpriteEddy is a directory decoder which allows the extraction and conversion of the graphical images used by various Worms games. - Comments Etho []EthoCryptiC [W2][W:A][WWP]588 [Download] (116.6 KB)
-real explosion (Program / Utility)
sounds (out of IEDs) were recorded specially for the game (by insane Belarusian audio engineer) - Comments coldvektor []coldvektor [W2][W:A][WWP]720 [Download] (252.4 KB)
-real explosion (Program / Utility)
sounds (out of IEDs) were recorded specially for the game (by insane Belarusian audio engineer) - Comments coldvektor []coldvektor [W2][W:A][WWP]356 [Download] (252.4 KB)
-real explosion (Program / Utility)
sounds (out of IEDs) were recorded specially for the game (by insane Belarusian audio engineer) - Comments coldvektor []coldvektor [W2][W:A][WWP]350 [Download] (252.4 KB)
-WA: new sound effects (Program / Utility)
IcyPRO's new HQ effects for Worms Armageddon! Can't upload it here, cuz it's large, so you'll find link in this file... Enjoy~ - Comments IcyPRO []IcyPRO [W:A][WWP]805 [Download] (175 B)
-W:A Update v3.6.29.0 (Program / Utility)
This is the latest W:A patch version v3.6.29.0. You can update any WA CD version straight to v3.6.29.0 WITHOUT updating to any other version first. - Comments Team17 [B]lolwut [W:A]935 [Download] (1.4 MB)
-SchemeEddy v2.07 (Program / Utility)
This is the most advanced w:a/wwp scheme editor available to date. With it, you can set options and adjust settings in more detail than ingame editors. A lot of attention has been directed to the program's interface. I tried to design it in a way so that it looks good, provides a lot of helpful information about the scheme, and yet is still easy to use. More advanced users should read the program's readme so that they can take full advantage of all its features. Enjoy ^^ - Comments Etho []EthoCryptiC [W:A][WWP]9083 [Download] (236 KB)
HoverMilitary Theme (Program / Utility)
>>>LINK FIXED<<< If u get bored of Worms Armageddon's menus and voices. I have made a theme. I changed: -Intro -W.A logo -Background (camouflage texture) -Fallin stars (changed stars with red SQDs) -Menu buttons. -Button borders. -Cursors. -Menu voices -Background music (Dropkick Murphys-I'm Shipping up to Boston) This is a document which includes the download link of the theme. I can't upload it here because it's 20.261KB. I hope u will like it. (sorry about old broken rapidshare link) - Comments Cevval []Cevval [W:A]1125 [Download] (165 B)
-Some new sound effects (Program / Utility)
11 new sound effects... (Add new BlowTorch sound) - Comments e30fanat []e30fanat [W2][W:A][WWP]1230 [Download] (1.1 MB)
-NoCD crack for W:A with Silkworm 4.12a (Program / Utility)
NoCD crack for W:A with Silkworm 4.12a preinstalled. Use if your Silkworm doesn't work. - Comments Deadcode []ThexDarksider [W:A]1807 [Download] (699.1 KB)
-WAsP 0.12 (Program / Utility)
Well, It's the same WAsP you can find here: but I think it was too hard to find it. So I uploaded it here. I hope you know how to use. If you don't, go see that news. - Comments ZoGgEr! []MilesPrower [W:A][WWP]1069 [Download] (95.8 KB)
-GraveWWP (Program / Utility)
Program 4 XXL & animated graves - Comments Annelid []Yeti [WWP]1565 [Download] (13.9 KB)
HoverSuper Snooper with Skin Support (Program / Utility)
This is the original Super Snooper, i just added WinXP/Vista skinning support, so the buttons do not look that ugly ;) The original file is found here: - Comments Annelid [B]Pac-Man [W:A]1622 [Download] (132.5 KB)
File PreviewWorms.IP.Override 2.0 alternate installer (Program / Utility)
A smaller installer I made for Worms.IP.Override 2 with fixed ip checking url (back to - Comments Damocles1 [G]meszka [W:A][WWP]3227 [Download] (584.5 KB)
HoverBTPCompanion (Program / Utility)
This very first beta release contains only the main features! Navigate through BTP easier than ever - with ultra-modern Office 2007 ribbon! If you found some buttons not working, that means I am currently programming them. Stay tuned to be the first one downloading the second beta in a few days! - Comments Pac-Man [B]Pac-Man 1037 [Download] (512 KB)
-WWP IP Override v3 beta (Program / Utility)
Since IP Override didnt work anymore for me, because the website is down the program uses. I ve developed my own IP Override Program. It works for WWP only! Look into the Readme file for installation and using guide - Comments Ch3ck3r []Ch3ck3r [WWP]1954 [Download] (3.8 MB)
-WWP Mission Editor (Program / Utility)
Mission editor. Good program. - Comments Wohm []Wohm [WWP]1583 [Download] (4 MB)
-SoundEddy (Program / Utility)
W2, W:A, WWP sound edit! - Comments Wohm []Wohm [W2][W:A][WWP]2110 [Download] (728.8 KB)
-Super Fiddler (Program / Utility)
Super fiddler to W:A - Comments Wohm []Wohm [W:A]2199 [Download] (573.8 KB)
-Caecilian (Program / Utility)
Connect for wormnet program - Comments Wohm []Wohm [W:A]1355 [Download] (203.3 KB)
-Full Wormage Unlocker (Program / Utility)
Unlocker to W:A - Comments Wohm []Wohm [W:A]5302 [Download] (65.5 KB)
-WormMM (Program / Utility)
Worms map maker - create colour maps! - Comments Wohm []Wohm [W:A][WWP]2536 [Download] (1.5 MB)
-W:A Randomizer (Program / Utility)
Program to create random scheme. - Comments Wohm []Wohm [W:A]1246 [Download] (6.9 KB)
-Silkworm (Program / Utility)
Silkworm is a companion program for the game Worms:Armageddon - Comments Wohm []Wohm [W:A]1894 [Download] (70.7 KB)
-Armageditor (Program / Utility)
W:A options editor - Comments Wohm []Wohm [W:A]2043 [Download] (35.7 KB)
-WormsBackup (Program / Utility)
WormsBackup is a program designed to back up custom files and settings from an installation of Worms Armageddon, to prevent data loss as a result of reinstalling. - Comments WohmBrother []Unvalidated EmailWohmBrother [W:A]1080 [Download] (110.2 KB)
File PreviewWorms 4 Water editor (Program / Utility)
Worms 4 Water editor by Me :) - Comments Wohm []Wohm 1731 [Download] (295.4 KB)

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Where do you download mission.
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So-called "isolated" soundbanks have been replaced with a single Sonic Battle soundbank. Enjoy.
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[]panick Said:
how to make your own flag & grave?
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Every goddamn copy of SchemeWorks are infected with viruses.
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[]Pizzaking27 Said:
I'm uploading my own LEGO Island 2 soundbank!!!!!!!!!! !!
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Can you make Kirby soundbanks and upload it?
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