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.:: WWP Board ::. A International WWP Forum. Enjoy^^ InZa
.Lookias Map database and fingerroll tutorial. lookias
Anti-Ketzer Clan The Site of the Anti-Ketzer (AK) Clan. B!G B!LLY
AoD Clan Angels of Death clan. A good internationnal WWP's clan. Our site: the clan, downloads, goodies, links, forum, chat & FUN !! Enjoy its dudz Vodka
Brotherhood Of Toothbrushes A Group (Not Clan, There is Also a Clan) of Wormers, Who Play the Darkside. GenralShnizel
Clan AF1 AF1 - All for one! All for fun! r1ot3r
Clan Cold Fusion (CF) Multi-Gaming Clan since 2005. W:A, Dota, PES, CSS, WC3, Poker SPW
Clan ERMF The home of Clan ERMF, Elite Roping Military Forces. WormerERMF
Clan gmc WA anarchist clan Geralt
Clan gSc The home of the gSc! Come visit. :o ResX
Clan GX An international WWP clan which plays various gametypes. There are also tourneys, leagues an other competitions. ArcBeetle
Clan LoR All rounder clan thats likes to rope alot. Over 3 years old! m0nk
Clan rWa The site for clan rWa fuzzball
Clan SFX A well known W:A/Partially WWP clan; mainly because of the number of maps available. ZoGgEr!
Clan T18 Home of T18, a clan based on ALL modes with downloads, forum and even a chat!!! ArcBeetle
Clan TFC - The Fake Clan (WWP) A WWP Roping clan, players prefer Propers and RR's. Lots of decent Roper maps to download. markavian
Clan TR firt members Tr'TahribaT , Tr'fatihk34 , Tr'Armut , Tr'Serso turkish worms armageddon clan good clan :)enjoy worms forever worms armageddon :D (((im EDİT TR clan ))) other tr clan logo delete pls trTahribaT
Clan UIS Clan latino de jugadores de Worms de la Universidad Industrial de Santander. Entra y disfruta de nuestra gran comunidad, de nuestro foro, de los eventos que organizamos y de muchas otras cosas que tenemos para ofrecerte. EviL
Clan WaZa First was a Spanish-Spaniard Worms Clan, but now It's a Big Spanish Community of Gamers. ViCe
Clan WcD The WcD (We Can't Die) Clansite. I'm a member, and have been for quite a long while ZoGgEr!
Clan xDMx Home of clan Dark Matter. Well known for their good quality maps. Mostly shoppa players, very skilled nonetheless :) Djoszee
clan xWSx an old clan founded 100 years ago from village of the best clans. THE CLAN X--WEEDSMOKERS--X X-ZERO-X
Clan YaP Home of the Young Age Propers.. kick ass site design ZeptOr
ClanKaff Clan Kaff's Website KaffXshoppXfope
Contra Clan Contra Clan! You heard me! The awesome clan site with maps, graves, patches and more!!! C1
Deadly Worms Of Justice "an awesome clan site" xAlmostx
DeF/Don't Ever Fall A new clan for people just not pro enough for the pro clans but don't want to degrade themselves to the ones that let anyone in. XD Atomic52
Destroyers of Power Clan dp clan site. We play on Worms Armageddon check us out WormAssassin
dP clan site dp clan site, go check us out WormAssassin
First Blood First-Blood Worms league. It's closely affiliated with Citizens Erased clan. Check it out. Glenn
FNI clan & Forum Welcome at most popular of the French clan ! Enjoy ! xemanx
FNI clan - new forum Welcome at most popular of the French clan ! Enjoy ! xemanx
Fort of Worms Site about Worms Forts: Under Siege [polish] YetY
Good In Theory Home Of The GITS Sic0
HispanaWorms Comunidad hispana de jugadores de w:a y wwp donde podrás encontrar todo tipo de descargas, tutoriales, foros de ayuda y muchas cosas más. AbdelioR
HousemateEntertainment/ZlooxyWarriors Here you can read everything about ZlooxyWarriors clan and Housemtate entertainment Archamond
HTF-Clan Site HTF-Clan Website Der_Pate
JI Animations A site dedicated to making the consumer images, animations and sometimes websites. The Pope
Jimbos wwp site This is my (jimbo's) site and it has all the maps I made Jimbo
Just Doubt You can get some useful wwp downloads here and join an upcomin wwp clan daaave
KnifaIndustries Knifa's site... Knifa
KRoS: Księga Robaczych Styli Polish site with descriptions of Worms gamestyles and other general information. Meszka
Madcow clan Kinda cool page.. Borulf
MapMaking My (Blinx) maps site. Run by Mew, StarWorms and member of Worming Rabble: Pinkworm. A site that is always getting better. Blinx
movies online The television guide for free tv online, free movies online, news, sports, music and more. spreety
NgAlla-Forum Visit my forum today! Talk about anything from Worms to flash! Enjoy!! Lopas1
No Limit Freestyle The site of the attitude nlF. For real Freestyl0rz! B!G B!LLY
Normal No Noobs Normal Game Community. Intermediate scheme's top players. SirGorash
Philby4000's Comics The site of Philby4000's worms comics! May contain randomness, sanity not included. tundraH
Polska Liga WA-WWP Polish site about Worms and polish league. broadsmile
Rat & Bloopy Show The home of RABS, with episodes, games, and the great movie, enjoy! Bloopy
Realfoe Worms Maps My maps plus links to free competitions, lottos and paid surveys Realfoe
Roy's site clan site... connected with blame the pixel Roy
RRkit Everything for rope racers! Including maps, downloads, and a tutorial with animated screen shots! TonY
See What I Did There Webcomic updated whenever we feel like it. Go visit and pay your respects. TheAbdBoy
Skull Worms My new site, i know its crap. But so what? I cant do HTML The Skull
Solar's Worms Tutorials tip on how to play RR, Roper, BnG and fort solar
Spazs Spam Forum Come to my forum and sign up and join the frindly spammy community. SPAZ
Star Worms 3D A great Worms 3D Fansite. Has lots of information and downloads for Worms 3D, a forum, an IRC Chatroom, a guestmap, a shout box. Whatever you would like to know about Worms 3D you will probably find it here. The site has a good layout and design and also hosts the Worms 'r' Us clan for WA, WWP and W3D! Go and visit this site now! Star Worms
The Best Clan TBC(The Best Clan) get maps graves flags soundbanks including lord of the rings soundbank Realfoe
The Wheat Snooper A very powerfull W:A Wormnet snooper! lookias
The Worms Nightclub A nightclub for all you nocturnal wormers to enjoy yourselves at! joetheeskimo5
Tjerp's Website The home of Tjerp, with plenty of content relating to WA and WWP. Bloopy
Vienna Worms Party Shoppamaps download (Site in German) strohrum
W3DS Worms 3D screens YetY
WNK Clan Our new clan site :D Boric6
World Wide Worms A young wormsclan. Haxxit
Worm Wars Follow the adventures of Misterags and his struggle against Monty! The Pope
WormHut Extensive resource for Worms, much like the famed Wormtopia. Information on all games within the series other than Blast and Pinball. Daggett
wormnet Legends Clansite for professional wormsplayer. Downloads, infos, tourneys, chat strohrum
Worms Armada Mods For The Worms Game Series. (Maps, Graves, Tweaks...Etc.) ooscar713
Worms Armageddon - Romanian Portal Romanian Worms Community - Supporting all the players from Romania with hints, downloads and info. rats
Worms Palace A Worms fan site, which holds info on most of the worms games. There are also images, and demo downloads of the games. The site mainly focus on Team17 Worms games. bug
Worms-Network Community - Downloads, Forum, Help and many more... Stressfish
WoRmS.oRg.Ua The one and only worm-site for RUSSIAN speaking people. A lot of useful information, forum, etc. Mr.Bad
WormsQuoteDatabase Worms Quote Database. Any quotes from IRC chat, forum posts, games and so fourth which deem good enough to be quoted go here! r1ot3r
WormsWidowsWWP This is where the widows of WWP ( Worms World Party) can get together. I decided to set up this site for all you Worms Widows out there, who are bored frustrated or lonely. Pioneer322
WormsXtreme Clan site This site has some nice missions, maps, schemes, flags, graves, patches & programs. Also has a forum. DeathBringer
Wwp&Nurmaleague The best nurmal scheme on the worms universe;-)& Nurmaleague& Italian soundbank Atrox
xXDCXx well hello boys and girls, welocome to the show. Its the mistical magical great dark carnival carni
[FS] Clan This is a cool clan website, its not mine, but im in the clan! It's not completed though... P.S It's made by flamesniper! SGorilla

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what can i do with this?
[27.01.07 01:44 PM]

[]X-ZERO-X Said:
lol. NOW EVERYBODY JOIN MY NEW CLAN xDZx ! first 2 joine will be automatically moderators!
[31.01.07 03:46 PM]

[]AbdelioR Said:
I cant submit a link. Help staff please.
[13.03.07 05:03 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
[26.08.07 12:31 AM]

[]AbdelioR Said:
I see.
[03.09.07 03:39 PM]

[]AbdelioR Said:
Link submited. Waiting for a reply.
[03.09.07 09:35 PM]

[]AbdelioR Said:
There is an error in the description. Can check it?
[10.09.07 11:02 AM]

[]trTahribaT Said:
hey my tr clan , i will edit
[29.09.07 08:48 PM]

[]ViCe Said:
I have a error when I submit my web :(
[31.01.08 12:53 AM]

[]spreety Said:
my link is not appear why

[10.01.11 12:25 PM]

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