Forum Rules

Yep, this being a forum, it seems we need some rules, so, here are a couple of basic things to stick to.

Punishment (love that word)
Righty, we used to use the money system for punishment, but well, nobody really cared, so the main method is a user-regulated rating system. User regulated in that the users do all the work. If you do something someone doesn't like, you'll be rated down. When your rating gets low enough you will only be able to make posts after a set time limit, which gets longer as your rating gets lower.
Also possible is the changing of your status, and disallowing you from changing it yourself. Not a very major one really, but it's worth mentioning. Another possibility is disallowing your use of HTML on the forum, for more specific problems.
Obviously, if you go to far, you can also be banned and / or have your user deleted. IPs are logged so if you are a guest poster with a static IP, we can ban your IP.

Don't do it. If you've been somewhere else for the past few years, spam is the posting of pointless, repetitive or just plain annoying messages to the forum. If you post messages, such as "come here and increase your post count / cash", you're just asking fortrouble. Also asking the same questions over and over in various forums / threads, such as "do u like my avatar" (do these examples remind you of anyone*) when there is no other point to the post is not a good idea. Another grey area is posting one word posts such as "lol".

Yeh, we don't mind a bit of bad language, but excessive use of it could get you punishment, such as a status change to profane. ;).

Warez/Illegal content
Please, avoid posting links to warez or other illegal material / images, we don't want problems with the law. In fact, as such I'm going to put a little disclamer here. disclaimer: BlameThePixel or its staff members cannot be held responsible for content posted to the site by members or guests. there. Disclaimer in a jar.

Other bad / offensive behaviour
Of course, there's all sorts of possible behaviour that could be deemed offensive. What's what is up to us, the staff. If we see something unacceptable, punishment will be handed out. We're not as strict as many of the bigger sites (I mean big as in GameFAQs, not as in other worms sites), so please don't abuse your freedom.

*this is an old example ;).

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