Worms A-Z

Here we have the A-Z of worms. Looking for the meaning of a word? look no further, unless the defenition's not here!

I may also add material from the wormopaedia, depending on time and possibly what team17 think of that. heh. Apart from that, users and admins can also submit their own definitions for wormy words. The origin of each word is represented by these symbols:

Wormopaedia icon - Wormopaedia
Staff icon - Staff Submitted
User icon - User Submitted

User '0:()
User '_;
User ( . Y . )
User ('-')
User (. ) ( .)
User (>^_(>O_O)>
User (>^_^)>
User (b^-^)b
User (random characters)
User (someone) rules.
User (v¬_¬)
User (_)_)=====D = Dick /// ~( ; ; )"> = Rat /// ð¿ð=Best Smile Ever!
User *Whisper*
User .,|, (O_ó) .'m
User .....
User /afk
User /anon
User /away
User /me
User /msg
User /msg SPAZ wiptistean
User /msg [name] wiptistean
User 1337 or Leet
User 4fs or ffs
User 8=:-B
User 8====> a t( ' . ' )> kirby flipping you off and <( ' . '):= - - - - -<( x . x )> kirby shooting another.
User 8===> ??? (_)_)===D !!!
User :(
User :-D~
User :D
User <((_CRAYOLA_(()
User <:3~
User <|:8]
User =:o)
Staff >:E
User >_<
User a god home
User A-Zof worms
User Abbreviations
User abd
User abd
User ABL
Staff AFB
User AFK, BRB, BBL and BBS
User AFR
User AG
User Andy
User Andy Davidson
User argh
User Armageddon
User Armageddon
User armageddon
User asap
User Ass
Staff ATL or KTL
User Avatar
User Bahhhhhh
User bb
User BG
User bg
User bit monkey
User bl
User blnt
User Bloops
User Bloopy
User blown-away
User Bmlhf
User BnG
User Boggy B and Spadge
User Bomp
User boot
User booted 3 times
User booted for flood
User booted for repeat flood
User Booted for repeating
User BSoD
User BTA
User BTP
User btp
User Buffalo of Lies
User Buffaloes of Destruction
User captur the flag
User CBA
User CD
User Chanserv
User Chanserv
User Chat
User cheating
User Cheeetar
User Cheese on Beans on Toast
User cheese on toast
User cheese on toast
User Cheetar
User Chute
User Chute
User cl2k
User Clan
User clan leader
User clanmember
User Clarkey252
User concrete donkay
User ContraBot
User COW
User Cow
User COW (hehe)
User D:
User D:::::8
User Darksider
User DC & DF
User deathbot
User Deviantart
User dk
User Dogma
User don
User Donkey
User Drattigan
Staff DriveBy
User duck
User Duh!
User ECL
User En
User Fatass
User FB
User FBA
User FFS
User FkM
User Flag
User flaming health
User flood
User fly
User fook
User Forum
User Forum
User Fotcl
User FPS
User fu
User fuck
User fuck off!!
User G & F
User g.o.
User g2g
Staff GeGe
User GFX
User gg
User Ghost
User Girder Shelter
User GL n HF
User Glasses
User God mode
User Gold!
User Grave
User greek weapon
User H/O
User hahaha
User Hallellujah!
User Hat
User hello
User Hermie
User hh
User HH
User HHG
User hi
User hlof
User hmm
User htf
User huh?
Staff Hung Out To Dry
User Icepacks
User idiot
User IFM
User Iguana
User Iguana
User Iguanaray
User IH
User image
User IMO
User insanitoon
User IRC
User IYO
User Jamie
User JFC
User jk
User Joder
User JP
User k-bl
User k-gr
User k-lb
User k-pp
User k-rd
User k-ylw
User KB
User Khuzad
User kikumbob
User Kill with jetpack
User Knifa sucks ass
Staff KnifaIndustries
User Krungthepmahanakornamornratanakosinmahintarayutthayamahadilokphopnopparatrajathaniburiromudomrajaniwesmahasatharnamornphimarnavatarnsathitsakkattiyavisanukamprasit
User KTC
User KTH
User KTN
User KTP
User kurwa
User l33t
User Lag
User lamer
User Lightsider
User LOL
User Longbow
User Lord Dez
User lovl
User m8
User Map
User map sux
User mbz
User mc&hny
User Meh
User Merde
User MilesPrower
User MilesPrower
User mineball
User mines broke...
User Mines dont take prisoners
User mines r cautious
User mines r dumb
User mines r pure
User mines r tricky
User moleshopper
User moo
User Moose
User mtcbwu
User n
User n%b
User n00b
User n1
User Nade
User NAI
User nana
User nb
User nc
User ndw
User Ne1
User neo
User NES
User NES
User Newbie
User Newbie and n00bs
User nmd
User noob or newb
User nooo!
User ns
User ns
User nt
User ò.Ó
User ODR
User Ohhhhh... I knew that!
User OMG
User oO
User OOO
User Own3d
Staff owned
User o_O
User Pac-Man
Staff PACK
User pagedown
User pagedown
User pageup
User parrottisbetter
User PBA (Pixel Blaming Army)
User Penis
User pictures for sig
User Pixel
User Pixels
User Platinum
User Plop
User plz or pliz
User plz or pliz
User PM
User poll
User POS
User Pqp
User problems wiht hosting
User proper
User PS
User PSP
User pwn
User Pwned
User rac
User Race
User Res
User RH
User Rk
User Rking
User rofl
User roflmao
User rope knockin
User rope knocking
User rotgdfflmgdffao
User RR
User Runt
User s4y
User Scheme
User Score Bars
Staff ServerTest
Staff SG
User sheep shoppa
User sheep warz
User Shoppa
User shoppa
User shoppa
User ShortKeys
User SM
User smiles
User Smiley
User SoB
User SoB
User Social User
User sopunds
User soz
User Spammer
User Spammer
User Spyro
User Srsly
User sry
User SSB!
User st00b
User Stalker
User Stalking
User stupid
User Swordgator
User Taumatawhakatangihangakōauauatamateaturipukakapiki
User tbf
Staff TBW or W2W
User team editor
User Team Scandinavia
User Team17
User teh
User teh
User teh + pwned
User Terrain
User terrain
User Tetaumatawhakatangihangakoauaotamateaurehaeaturipukapihimaungahoronuku pokaiwhenuaakitanarahu
User th
User The Verm clan
User Thread
User thx
User tk
User TRR
User ttly
User ttyl
User tutorial (tut)
User ty
User u
User Ufff,pfff,bomp, et cetera
User uoh
User User missions
User Vai tomar no cú!
User vbl
User Verm
User VGI or VGLI
User w/
User w/c
User w00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000t!
User W:A
User Waddocks
Staff wang
User weap
User weapon
User Wed 25 Feb
User Weebl and Bob
User wewtang
User wFLYw
User White Duck
User Wikipedia
User William Henry Gates III
User wind bar
User wiptis
User wiptistean
User wn
User Wooden Girafe
User woof woof
User Worm
User Worm (Correction)
Staff WormNet
User wormnet
Staff Wormnet2
User Wormopaedia
User Worms A-Z
User Worms World Party Unofficial Guide
User wormy
User wtf
User wtfeck
User WWP
User WWPipe
User wxw
User xARCxBRMxJamie
User xD
User xGOEx
User y
User Über
User zibinbouter
User ZoGgEr
User Zook
Staff zS
User zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
User [text here]
User \.../ Ô.ò \.../
Staff ^^
User ^_~
User |:o
User ¬.¬
User ¿
User ø.Ø

User '0:() ([]pOpZ)
donald duck

User '_; ([G]jt673)
Cool smirk.

User ( . Y . ) ([]Omnislash)
Another version of (. ) ( .)

User ('-') ([]MilesPrower)
(A dumb koala ^^

User (. ) ( .) ([G]dabuddahfinger)
A cracking set of tits!

User (>^_(>O_O)> ([]SPAZ)
Kirby Rape. Yeah, i had to do this ¬_¬

User (>^_^)> ([]242A-1)
kirby dancing

User (b^-^)b ([]Simski)
Kirby doing thumbs up.

User (random characters) ([]pOpZ)

User (someone) rules. ([]Cheeetar)
It means whoever is the someone is a very good worm player or cool. e.g. Cheeetar

User (v¬_¬) ([]Simski)
Kirby with annoyed or tired sneer.

User (_)_)=====D = Dick /// ~( ; ; )"> = Rat /// ð¿ð=Best Smile Ever! ([G]xemfx``mantis)

User *Whisper* ([]SupSuper)
displayed when someone uses the /msg command in a game (and you're not the one that sent/got the message)

User .,|, (O_ó) .'m ([]MilesPrower)
.,|,  (O_ó)  .someone who raises the middle finger

User ..... ([]RunT)
Another way of saying 'wtf' or 'omg'

User /afk ([]Suterusu)
Simaler to /away but used ingame to skip turns thus not ruining the game for others. Known and Confirmed for Worms: Armageddon

User /anon ([G]lord dez)
when used, the poster's name will not be disclosed. Based on an IRC command, it is raely used on the chatrooms. However, it works very well on page comments and in WormNet games.

User /away ([]Wormy42)
a convenient way of leaving messages while ur gone afk*

User /me ([G]lord dez)
an IRC command. Also works in page comments. It will appear like this: *Somebody did something. Works in WormNet, as it is based on an IRC network.

User /msg ([]Wormy42)
this is used when u want 2 send personel/private message to ur friend/s

User /msg SPAZ wiptistean ([]SPAZ)
im gonna get shot for this. everyone surely knows this by now. well get rid of the "SPAZ" and put your name in that you use on worms and you can read other peoples whispers.

User /msg [name] wiptistean ([]knifa)
Lets you see whispers and anons... gud fun :)

User 1337 or Leet ([]solar)
Over used words meaning Elite also the most annoying words in the world

User 4fs or ffs ([]Wormy42)
for fucks sake :twisted:

User 8=:-B ([]pOpZ)
Goofy smiley

User 8====> a t( ' . ' )> kirby flipping you off and <( ' . '):= - - - - -<( x . x )> kirby shooting another. ([G]beatlesrock7)
that is it i guess....

User 8===> ??? (_)_)===D !!! ([G]xemfx``mantis)

User :( ([G]rz)
Awww! I was gonna have that last Rolo!

User :-D~ ([G]teletubbies)
I really had sex last night

User :D ([G]rz)
I've had sex last night.

User <((_CRAYOLA_(() ([]MilesPrower)
<((_CRAYOLA_(()SpoilerSpoiler (Click to Expand)Spoiler

User <:3~ ([G]xinsanityx)
just a mouse

User <|:8] ([]Lopas1)
A fucking cool smiley with hat and big nose...LOL

User =:o) ([]Kyle)
a cool little smily face that alot of SoB clan users make.

Staff >:E ([S]Bloopy)
>:E>:E is a legendary emotion face invented by Dave2K. In the picture is a photo of FritzGuy making the face. >:E is used on wormnet daily.

User >_< ([]242A-1)

User a god home ([]shwan)
a god homeit is god home

User A-Zof worms ([]TheKax)
A-Zof wormsIt's this page, sherlock.

User Abbreviations ([B]C1)
[afk=away from keyboard] [atm=at the moment] [afaik=as far as i know] [bd=bad drop] [bl=bad luck] [brb= be right back] [brt=be right there] [ffa=free for all] [ffs= for f*ck sake] [gl=good luck] [gg=good game] [g2g/gtg= got to go] [hf=have fun] [hth=hope this helps] [idk= i don't know] [imo=in my opinion] [j/k= just kidding] [j/j= just joking] [lmao=laugh my ass offlol= laugh out loud] [naft=no attack first turn] [nd=nice drop] [np=no problem] [nfw= no f*cking way] [ns=nice shot] [nt=nice try] [nr=nice run] [n= nice] [n1= nice one] [ty=thank you] [omg= oh my g*d] [rofl=rolling on the floor laughing] [vns= very nice shot] [vbl= very bad luck] [wtf=what the f*ck] [wtf=what the hell!] [ttfn= ta ta for now]

User abd ([]TheAbdBoy)
abdmeans crazy, insane, odd, weird and kewl

User abd ([]routine_error)

User ABL ([]The Pope)
All But Last

Staff AFB ([S]Bloopy)
Attack From Bungee

User AFK, BRB, BBL and BBS ([G]lord dez)
Stand for Away From Keyboard, Be Right Back, Be Back Later and Be Back Soon. Genrally used in chat and on WormNet when a player/chatter has to go and do something

User AFR ([]The Pope)
Attack From Rope

User AG ([]The Pope)
Stands for Anything Goes

User Andy ([]xKingx)
xn00bxAndy, another great WWP roper (Also see xn00bxMoose, a.k.a. Moose.)

User Andy Davidson ([G]genralshnizel)
Andy Davidson is The Creator of The Worms Series.

User argh ([]kontra)
oh shit!

User Armageddon ([]Cheeetar)
The strongest weapon ever to be seen at a party, this weapon causes flaming rocks to come from the sky for about 30 secs and entirely stuff up the landscape.

User Armageddon ([G]dersachse)
The name says everything.

User armageddon ([]Lopas1)
A game(worms:armageddon) and a weapon in WWP and WA

User asap ([]Wormy42)
as soon as possible

User Ass ([]MrrLL)
You are stupid or just being mean..

Staff ATL or KTL ([S]Bloopy)
Attack or Kill The Leader. Used mostly in Ropers and BnGs.

User Avatar ([]xXNeBoShXx)

User Bahhhhhh ([]MrrLL)
Famous saying by the Famous "Sheep"

User bb ([G]xskatex)
Bannana Bomb

User BG ([]The Pope)
Stands for Background.

User bg ([]Zippy)
bad game or could stand for "background"

User bit monkey ([]Djoszee)
a program made by annelid to manipulate .bit files. You can find it here

User bl ([]Wormy42)
bad luck bro.

User blnt ([]Omnislash)
Better Luck Next Time or Bad Luck Nice Try

User Bloops ([]TheKax)
= Bloopy

User Bloopy ([]MrrLL)
Probably the best map maker and most known name out there in worm world. Map Making God

User blown-away ([]xXAlmightyXx)
geting bombed 3 times by mines. looks cool when u have instant mines

User Bmlhf ([]Khuzad)
Bless me little hobbit feet! (Very rarely used)

User BnG ([]Wormy42)
a fort game where ur only equipped with zooks* and nades*

User Boggy B and Spadge ([]The Pope)
Famous heros of the Worms Songs.

User Bomp ([G]fiend)
A word used after someone has screwed up.

User boot ([]Wormy42)
used for kick some1 out of host or chat

User booted 3 times ([]Wormy42)
ur fenced from that channel for 10 mins

User booted for flood ([]Wormy42)
u ll get booted by chanserv if u say 4 msgs without reply in 5 seconds

User booted for repeat flood ([]Wormy42)
mix of repeating and flooding

User Booted for repeating ([]Wormy42)
u get booted if u repeat wot u said 3 times within 8 comments

User BSoD ([]MacOSX)
BSoD - Google Search Did you mean: Bill Gates Sucks!

User BTA ([]Falkra)
Blame the auction, cool ebay-like system using btp's fictive money.

User BTP ([]The Pope)
Blame The Pixel

User btp ([G]drattigan)
Blame The Pixel.

User Buffalo of Lies ([G]genralshnizel)
The God of Darkness in The Worms Games, Never shown As a Wapon Before, Andy Davidson Explains this As The Tryes of the Buffalo to To Tampet Lightsiders to The Dark with Cheap Technolegy.

User Buffaloes of Destruction ([G]kenny)
A WWP and worms3 clan

User captur the flag ([G]destroyer)

User CBA ([]The Pope)
CBACrate Before Attack

User CD ([]The Pope)
Stands for Concrete Donkey or Compact Disc.

User Chanserv ([]The Pope)
A kind of bot which monitors lobbies online. It is not actually a person.

User Chanserv ([]Wormy42)
a bot who boots ppl for a living and 2 earn wages too ;)

User Chat ([]The Pope)
Another word for talk. To chat while playing game press Page Down. To remove the window press Page Up

User cheating ([]Djoszee)
this is what is to be hated most, you can prevent this by learning the rules :-) there are cheatcodes to cheat offline, you can find them on most gamecheat sites

User Cheeetar ([]Cheeetar)
Look up the description of the word "Cheetar by Icepacks(ruler of the retarded) and think exactly the opposite thing. Also see, (someone) rules.

User Cheese on Beans on Toast ([]Indi)
A Scottish delicacy, in which sliced cheddar cheese is melted on top of beans on toast. Goes good with finely chopped raw onion on top. Some have even been known to add Lea & Perrins...

User cheese on toast ([G]anarki)
its smelly and full of random goodness

User cheese on toast ([G]anarki)
I dare say it gives you cheese-breath too

User Cheetar ([]IcePacks)
CheetarWhining asshat who argues about how "he does not believe in god" even after the arguement is long gone. Then he proceeds to get a sex change, become a hooker, and lowers your rating while he's in bed with another male.

User Chute ([]The Pope)
ChuteMeans Parachute.

User Chute ([G]iguana)
Prachute that is.

User cl2k ([]kontra)
clan league 2k

User Clan ([]The Pope)
Group of people who play the same game. Clan members often have the Initials of their clan name at the start of their name.

User clan leader ([]Wormy42)
usually the strongest member of the clan gets the leadership OR some1 who established the clan

User clanmember ([]Djoszee)
when you are in a clan :0

User Clarkey252 ([]clarkey252)
A user hu is nice 2 n00bs (unless they cOw) and is always looking for a good shopper opponent in WWP


User concrete donkay ([G]deathbot)
greatest weapon, just before u think "oh, it's armageddon." the reason is: a frozen worm can survive armageddon, but no frozen worm can survive concrete donkey!

User ContraBot ([B]C1)
A bot the Necro once created on wormnet for a day.

User COW ([]The Pope)
Name given to someone when they have broken a rule or rules.

User Cow ([]Kyle)
a person who cheats in a game, such as a shoppa.

User COW (hehe) ([]SPAZ)
COW (hehe)I like to think of it as cheater on worms. For instance doing that <<< in a shopper would get you called a cow.

User D: ([]OutOfOrder)
not nice!

User D:::::8 ([]Khuzad)
Ohhhhh look at him...

User Darksider ([]Cheeetar)
A person who generally thinks about themselfs and uses girders and digging tools.

User DC & DF ([]Wormy42)
dont crash and dont fall used commonly in shoppas and rope races

User deathbot ([G]deathbot)
the reason there are no more pixels on this site

User Deviantart ([G]iguana)
A website where you can submit your fan art and other arts, you might even find wormers on Deviantart.

User dk ([G]jt673)
Double Kill.

User Dogma ([]The Pope)
A famous map maker.

User don ([]Zippy)
a shoppa rule... double or nothing meaning you must make at least 2 kills

User Donkey ([G]dead teen)
A extrmelly powerfull weapon that does a hell lot of damage when it is dropped from the sky!

User Drattigan ([G]drattigan)
A worm... the worm owner of Wormy Wonders.

Staff DriveBy ([S]Bloopy)
A hybrid of wascar and shopper, where you play as in a shopper but complete a lap before attack (just like a lap in wascar).

User duck ([G]white_duck)
a cool animal

User Duh! ([]pOpZ)
My version of D'oh!

User ECL ([]kontra)
elite clan league

User En ([]Zippy)
extreamly nice

User Fatass ([]IcePacks)
FatassOne who has a waist the size of a car, blubbering TV watcher;

User FB ([]Flamie)
First blood!

User FBA ([]Wormy42)
Fly Be4 Attack (only used in fly shoppas)

User FFS ([]SacrificialLamb)
FOR FUCKS SAKE, motha-fucka'!

User FkM ([]Wormy42)
r u fucking mad?

User Flag ([]Cheeetar)
Similiar to the grave, it appears always next to your teams name in-game, and like the grave you get to choose it creating your team or get a custom one from

User flaming health ([G]ninja)
get flaming health bars

User flood ([]Wormy42)
where some1 dominates the chat table with his/her comments

User fly ([]pOpZ)
It's another game tipe, like shoppa but witout the roof. Fly is also the action of jumpin from side to side in the homonym game tipe

User fook ([B]lolwut)
fuck urself NAO!

User Forum ([]The Pope)
A place where you can ask or answer questions or just mess around.

User Forum ([]The Pope)
A place where people can post threads about stuff they need/want to talk about.

User Fotcl ([]Wormy42)
fell off the chair laughing : censor word for (lol) :lol:

User FPS ([]Zornor)
Frames per second. Worms 2, Worms Armageddon and Worm World Party would run smoothly at least 20 frames a second (0.05 is how long a frame would last for)

User FTDR ([]Zippy)
Follow The Damn Rules!

User fu ([]kontra)
Fuck You

User fuck ([]SPAZ)
Damn that was rather shit of me.

User fuck off!! ([]rino)
fuck off!

User G & F ([]The Pope)
Stands for Graves and Flags

User g.o. ([G]thib)
g.o. means good one...I dont know a lot of people who use this word...

User g2g ([]242A-1)
got to go

Staff GeGe ([G]annelid)
Alternative, phoenetic pronunciation of gg for Good Game. Rarely used by Americans

User GFX ([]joetheeskimo5)
Short for "graphics"

User gg ([]Docta_Shade)
Means Good Game

User Ghost ([]Zippy)
when someone never talks in a chatroom

User Girder Shelter ([]Cheeetar)
Basically a little house made by girder starter packs usually consisting of 1 girder shaped like this - as the floor two girders shaped like this | as the walls which are placed on both sides of the floor and two girders shaped like this / and this \ on top of the walls making a little house.8)

User GL n HF ([]MrrLL)
mostly always said at beginning of every game.

User Glasses ([]pOpZ)
Not the one in wich u drink. It's a pair of lens attached togheter that you put on your nose to see better. If you still playing worms for more than 5 years, you'll soon use them.

User God mode ([]Wormy42)
this match consists of worms who have infinite hps

User Gold! ([]Zippy)
Gold!When you at least make a triple kill or give at least 400 damage!

User Grave ([]Cheeetar)
When a worm dies a grave appears, unique for each team, which you can choose while creating the team. More custom graves available at

User GRAVES ([]Tickle Torture)

User GRAVES ([]Tickle Torture)

User greek weapon ([]Unvalidated Emailfaisal)
greek weaponabout the new weapon

User H/O ([]MrrLL)
Hold On Or take out the / and call someone a ho.

User hahaha ([]kontra)
meanz "laughing"

User Hallellujah! ([]Darxzero)
The warcry of HHGs and Concrete Donkeys.

User Hat ([]Indi)
HatName given to a mine when perfectly dropped on a worms head, as in a roper game.

User hello ([]XxPYRO!xX)
often used by humans when they start engaging in typing words to each other.

User HERE SHE COMES! ([]Star and Moon)
Wacky voice pack from WA

User Hermie ([G]blackfoxx)
a girl and a man, all parts included. a.k.a. Hermaphrodite Foxx is xxy or a Hermie.

User hh ([]Glenn)
My little thing I'm spreading around. It means happy hunting =).

User HH ([]RunT)
Stands for 'Happy Hardcore'

User HHG ([]The Pope)
HHGStands for Holy Hand Grenade

User hi ([]Falkra)
When a worm piles another worm, they use to salute each other, using "hi".

User hlof ([]Wormy42)
have lots of fun (said commonly at beginnings)

User hmm ([]kontra)
the most people type it , when they dunno what to say...

User htf ([]Wormy42)
How the Fuck??

User HTID ([]RunT)
Hardcore Till I Die

User huh? ([G]billynizzle)

Staff Hung Out To Dry ([S]Bloopy)
When you get stuck out across the terrain on a bungee at a funny angle, and you can't bounce no more, you're hung out to dry!

User Icepacks ([]Cheeetar)
Ruler of the retarded

User idiot ([]242A-1)
a person who kills their allies because they forget who the enemies are

User IFM ([G]wormmayhem)
Instant fuse mine

User Iguana ([G]iguana)
Forum member

User Iguana ([G]iguana)
Forum member

User Iguanaray ([G]iguana)
Iguana's deviantart username

User IH ([G]rz)
I'm Hungry

User image ([G]andy)

User IMO ([]The Pope)
Stands for In My Opinion

User insanitoon ([]Indi)
insanitoonThe king of annoying posts and fake URLs.

User IRC ([G]lord dez)
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is chatrooms on a server with much technical jargon. WormNet is based on IRC, and BTP's chatroom IS IRC. Genrally IRChatrooms are accesed by using an IRC client (such as mIRC or Trillian) which connects and executes commands on the IRC server. All IRC commands begin with a /, such as /me (See /me) and others. Most places will list available commands by typing /help.

User IYO ([]The Pope)
Stands for In Your Opinion

User Jamie ([B]RnRxSSTxLdr)
xARCxBRMxJamie...a great roper, battle racer and map maker

User JFC ([]Zippy)
jesus fucking christ!

User jk ([]MilesPrower)
abrv for: joke

User Joder ([]xKingx)
I think it means fuck in Spanish. I could be wrong,it's been a while since I've used it.

User JP ([]The Pope)
JPStands for JetPack.

User k-bl ([]Zippy)
kill blue

User k-gr ([]Zippy)
kill green

User k-lb ([]Zippy)
kill light blue

User k-pp ([]Zippy)
kill purple

User k-rd ([]Zippy)
kill red

User k-ylw ([]Zippy)
kill yellow

User KB ([]The Pope)
Stands for either Kilobyte or Keyboard.

User Khuzad ([]Khuzad)
KhuzadTeh most donkey of them all!

User kikumbob ([]kikumbob)
A word meaning much the same as whatsit or thingamejig. A word to be used in speech to fill in the word the person has forgotten. EG. "You know what that guy down the road said when I used the..kikumbob...torch!"

User Kill with jetpack ([]TheKax)
Means a kill made with jetpack. This can be done by low health worm, jetpack and a enemy worm with low health or near an edge. Done by flying as high as possible and hurting the enemy with your worms' death's explosion.

User Knifa sucks ass ([G]a-g dude)
knifa's a goon a geek and a homosexual who spends his time shoving the dick on his head into the floppy drive to extract more data lmao Knifa your a fucking goon you eva had a girlfreind and kissed a girl oh and btw your mother doesnt count

Staff KnifaIndustries ([]knifa)
KnifaIndustriesKnifaIndustries, prounounced "Knife-a Industries" Knifa's site.

User Krungthepmahanakornamornratanakosinmahintarayutthayamahadilokphopnopparatrajathaniburiromudomrajaniwesmahasatharnamornphimarnavatarnsathitsakkattiyavisanukamprasit ([]Indi)
A place in Bangkok

User KTC ([]The Pope)
Kill The Cow

User KTH ([]MilesPrower)
Kill The Hoster (don't try that at home cause that sucks)

User KTN ([]SupSuper)
Kill The Noob

User KTP ([]ArcBeetle)
Kill the pro :D

User kurwa ([]Falkra)
Polish word to say litterally something like "bitch", they use this word when turn gets f*cked.

User l33t ([]SupSuper)
same as 1337

User Lag ([]The Pope)
Name given for when something slows down e.g. A Game

User lamer ([]Djoszee)
Someone beeing lame, and ruining your game. Woo that rhymed

User Lightsider ([]Cheeetar)
An all out attacker who generally leaps before he looks.

User LOL ([]The Pope)
Laughing Out Loud or Lots Of Laughs

i common word used by alot of dumbasses who cant just say something short, translated into english, it means: funny.

User Longbow ([]Darxzero)
The weapon of choice for Robin Hood, William Tell, and a few worms. It can fire 2 shots a turn, and travel the entire map.

User LOOFA ([G]xinsanityx)
Laughing Out Of Funny Astonishment

User Lord Dez ([G]lord dez)
Lord DezThe most brilliant thing ever to be created. It cooks, cleans and murders pixels by the hundred. Also very good at spamming things.

User lovl ([]Wormy42)
laugh out vary loud :lol:

User m8 ([]OutOfOrder)
A friend made in wormnet. A player usually gains the "m8" status after 10-15 games played together.

User Map ([]The Pope)
Played on during a game or used while trying to find the nearest toilet.

User map sux ([]Falkra)
Common phrase used by falling players blaming the map instead of blaming their poor roping skills.

User mbz ([]Zippy)
Map by: Zippy38

User mc&hny ([]Psymon)
Merry christmas and happy new year. use a lot in december

User Meh ([]xKingx)
Just a word...

User Merde ([]The Pope)
Useful for swearing at Frenchies in worms. Means shit.

User MilesPrower ([]MilesPrower)
ME! :P:P:P:P:P :):):):):) :D:D:D:D:D

User MilesPrower ([]IcePacks)
Hellspawn from the void of whatever nerdy sonic website spawns hell. Anothe example of the nightmarish things that have taken grip of our fair community. Note: I am not one of those things.

User mineball ([]MrrLL)
Worm Game

User mines broke... ([]Wormy42)
mines on 3

User Mines dont take prisoners ([]Wormy42)
mines on instent

User mines r cautious ([]Wormy42)
mines on 1

User mines r dumb ([]Wormy42)
mines on 2

User mines r pure ([]Wormy42)
mines on random

User mines r tricky ([]Zippy)
mine duds are enabled

User moleshopper ([]PyrOmaniek)
a shopper type game including moles,drill,torch and a few other things, crates fall each turn and there are no rules, played underground

User moo ([]The Pope)
Stands for Matter Of Opinion or used when someone has cowed.

User Moose ([]xKingx)
xn00bxMoose, a great WWP roper. (Also see xn00bxAndy, a.k.a. Andy)

User mtcbwu ([]jazz)
May the connection be with you! (Yeah, we all hate it when the damned thing hangs or breaks...)

User n ([]Wormy42)
short for nice

User n%b ([]Evil Bunny)
like noob, cant believe no1 added this 1

User n00b ([B]C1)
n00b=newb=newbie=someone new at the game and inexperienced. And they usually suck but ppl that played the game for about 8 months plus and just suck arent noobs but just sucky players

User n1 ([]No Good)
Nice One

User Nade ([]The Pope)
NadeStands for Grenade.

User NAI ([]The Pope)
Need Any Images

User nana ([]Djoszee)
nana(ba)nana :)

User nb ([G]xxfuzzballxx)
nb= noob or 4 some nb= not bad

User nc ([]Zippy)
Nice click, used for homing weapons or homing strikes.

User ndw ([]Zippy)
a new rule for Shoppa, no weapons like Armageddon or Earthquake

User Ne1 ([]No Good)

User neo ([G]neo-lw)
a word people add to there teams to sound cool

User NES ([]Cheeetar)
abbreviation for never ending story or no eskimo shit

User NES ([]Dark_Phoenix)
Nintendo Entertainment System of course! (you know - that really old games console that had the origional mario on it... no?... megaman?... kirby....? you get the picture)

User Newbie ([]Wormy42)
some1 who only got his/her worm cd yesterday

User Newbie and n00bs ([]Pilki-AKA-Gollum)
A newbie is someone who is new to the game. However they are not n00bs. n00bs are those who take away the fun of games. n00bs cow just for fin and just ruin games

User nmd ([]jazz)
Not my day. Means that someone has been playing cool before, but today he's shitty at it =)

User noob or newb ([]xKingx)
Someone new to the game. n00b is a clan however. A good one I might add...

User nooo! ([]knifa)
When your worm has been blasted with a banana bomb

User NOOOO ([]Cheeetar)
When a worm owned by the person saying this foolishly whacks into a pixel and drowns.

User ns ([]SupSuper)
nice shot - typically used when someone does a damn good shot (or when your enemy hits one of his allies/worms :P)

User ns ([]Zippy)
no sky

User NSSL ([]Psymon)
No Shit shurlock

User nt ([]SupSuper)
nice try :P (when someone misses someone)

User ò.Ó ([]kontra)
it means that ur angry >:(

User ODR ([]clarkey252)
Means Oh dear (say the letters as capitals out loud)

User Ohhhhh... I knew that! ([]Khuzad)
Something you say after someone told you something you didn't know.

User OMFG ([]SupSuper)
Oh My Fucking God. an exaggerated OMG

User OMG ([G]lord dez)
Stands for Oh My God.

something most brazilians like to say. Translated into english, it would be "oh dear"

User oO ([G]kosonome)

User OOO ([]clarkey252)
Means Out Of Order

User Own3d ([]IcePacks)
Own3d(owned) To be the victim of ownage; defeated;

Staff owned ([G]annelid)
Appears as "owned", "own" as a verb. might be misspelled as "pwn" or even "qwn" to be different. refers to one player dominating another on a turn or over a whole game.

User o_O ([]kontra)
type it when u think that sum1 is crazy

User Pac-Man ([B]Pac-Man)
Pac-ManPeople with no brain. Also known as "Packed Man", "Package Man" or "Pac Van". Don't try to guess if he is real or a fake since he is nothing. See "Spammer".

Staff PACK ([G]annelid)
The basic rules for a shopper can be summarized into letters. A = ABL = All but last (can't hit last place) C = CBA = Crate before attack (collect one before attacking) F = FBA = Fly before attack (only in some fly shoppers) K = KTC = Kill the cow (cheater) N = NDW = No dumb weapons, this means don't use globally effective weapons like armageddon, nuclear test, earthquake, or scales of justice, and in rare cases freeze. P = Piles OK (you can hit last if they are in a pile with other colours) AFR (usually not abbreviated as A) = Attack from rope, unless the weapon must be used from the ground. These letters are arranged to make different game styles. PACK is the most common, it means Piles, ABL, CBA, and KTC. proPACK usually means PACK + AFR. FPACK includes FBA, and N-PACK includes NDW. Make your own variations, we need something new on WN! I propose PACKAN instead of propack ;)

User pagedown ([]Wormy42)
2 talk

User pagedown ([]Wormy42)
2 talk but u cant fire or jump unless u close it

User pageup ([]Wormy42)
2 close the chat box

User parrottisbetter ([G]parrot)
Parrot is better than you

User PBA (Pixel Blaming Army) ([G]lord dez)
This is what BTP used to be called. For a more detailed life story click

User Penis ([]Falkra)
SPAZ's most used word. ;)

User pictures for sig ([]wewevonsheepie)

User Pixel ([]:O!!!)
A little evil devilish dot that is to be blamed

User Pixels ([]Ninja Jedi)
Everyone loves the pixels

User Platinum ([]Zippy)
when you kill at least 4 worms, or do at least 500 damage to someone else

User Plop ([]clarkey252)
The word used to rub it in when someone falls into the water!

User plz or pliz ([]Wormy42)
please in some sorta way

User plz or pliz ([]Wormy42)
please (in some sorta way)

User PM ([]Wormy42)
Personel message OR Private message

User poll ([]ninjabunny)
polli thing you vote on

User POS ([]TheAbdBoy)
POS means Parents over shoulder which your parents shouldn't understand. It's a warning to other users not to swear and/or cus. (I was told a while ago POS meant Peice of shit, i guess pos means 2 things now)

User Pqp ([]BadTaste)
Stands for Puta que o Pariu! A brazilian expression that means *I like you! x)*

User problems wiht hosting ([]Unvalidated Emailmihi)
i have a problem no one can go on my server when i host.Why?

User proper ([]Wormy42)
pro roper used by ppl who is an expert at ropeing

User PS ([]kontra)
short for Photoshop

User PSP ([]The Pope)
Paint Shop Pro

User pwn ([G]robin)
a typo of own, first came about when some chump, cant remember the name, wrote it on his wc2 map :)

User Pwned ([]RPharazon)
To be Pwned, or owned to the layperson, or be killed or badly hurt or humiliated to the really stupid. In 1337 lenguage

User rac ([]OutOfOrder)
Spanish acronym for laughing, such as LOL. It means "riendo a carcajadas".

User Race ([]Khuzad)
Get first from start to finish! Pretty obvious...

User Res ([]The Pope)
Stands for Resolution.

User RH ([]ViruSmaN)
Means #Ropers Heaven channel

User Rk ([]Kyle)
it standed for rope knock, i cant believe nobody added this!

User Rking ([]Kyle)
A very usefull skill in shoppa's, it standed for, rope knocking, were you let go of your rope while knocking someone off a hiding spot, or pushing them into a pile.

User rofl ([]YourFreakinHero)
rolling on floor laughing

User roflmao ([]Psymon)
roll on floor laughing my ass off. (the ulitimate laughing short-cut)

Rolling on the floor laughin my ass off out the door and down the street and into the path of an oncoming truck. (taught to me by glenn)

User ROLF ([G]iguana)
Rolling on floor laughing

User rope knockin ([]Wormy42)
this is when u knock some1 while u releast ur rope

User rope knocking ([G]computer-killer)

User rotgdfflmgdffao ([]Khuzad)
Rolling on the god damn fucking floor laughing my god damn fucking fat ass off.

User RR ([]The Pope)
Stands for Rope Race. A game played with ropes. Players use rope to go around a race course.

User RTFM ([G]lord dez)
Read The Fucking Manual. Not often used in Worms, due to a lack of documentation included with the program.

User Runt ([G]pathetic_runt)
Runtme and my shitty sig

User s4y ([]Matamix)
sucks for you. when someo0ne killls a team or devastes it.

User Scheme ([]The Pope)
A set of options and weapons chosen.

User Score Bars ([]The Pope)
The Score Bras show the total health of a team. To keep the table up all the time press Shift + Ctrl + Del

Staff ServerTest ([G]annelid)
A team17 made bot that logs on W:A for a second or two every few minutes. It is not a real person if it has the UK flag. However anyone can log on with that username, and it is sometimes used by ANGE|2 (she has an american flag)

Staff SG ([S]Bloopy)
Stands for shotgun

User sheep shoppa ([]Wormy42)
this is a shoppa game where ur anchored and can use only super sheeps 2 collect crates

User sheep warz ([G]split)
A game type

User SHIT ([G]lord dez)
Stands for "Shoot He Is Terrific!" and is DEFINITELY not a swear word, kiddies!

User Shoppa ([]The Pope)
A game played with ropes. Each team uses rope to collect crates dropped at start of turn. Rules usually used. They are called pack or propack.

User shoppa ([G]goodfella stef)

User shoppa ([G]goodfella stef)

User ShortKeys ([]The Pope)
The shortkeys are F numbers at the top of your keyboard. Used to get weapons quickly and without opening Weapons Menu List. zog says: Well I've never heard of the FKeys being called ShortKeys. ShortKeys is the name of a keyboard macro program that can be used to minimize the number of keystrokes required for long pararaphs or ascii art etc.

User SM ([]pOpZ)
Another game tipe, known as Strategic Match. See Schemes section for info.

User smiles ([G]andy)

User Smiley ([]Cheeetar)
A smiley is a emticon used to express peoples feelings examples are 8) :) :( ^^ and :D

User SoB ([]Kyle)
its my clan that i just started last week, it means, Son of Brotherhood.

User SoB ([]Kyle)
Son of a bitch!

User Social User ([]The Pope)
A person with over 1000 posts on this site. Light Blue man signifies this.

User sopunds ([G]chi)
the equivelent to "SCARY!" or even "GO AWAY!"

User soz ([]OutOfOrder)
oOps! Sorry!

User Spammer ([]The Pope)
A person who posts in forums or chatrooms alot.

User Spammer ([B]C1)
A person who posts about meaniless stuff alot in forums or chats. Which in turn anoys ppl. Example:SPAZ

User Spyro ([]belle3100)
A purple dragon that rocks bigtime.

User Srsly ([]SouthX)
Short for seriously. Commonly used when trying to be funny... Usually works. :)

User sry ([]Purewormowns)
for sorry :oops:

User SSB! ([G]xxbiofusionxx)
SSb is the new abbreviation, similar to VBL! but whyt the F### blame luck when u can blame players? SSB means Sux so BAD!

User st00b ([G]lord dez)
Means a stupid n00b. Someone who still acts/plays n00bish even when told how not to.

User Stalker ([G]wormo)
Someone who made the enemy say 'leave me alone!'. (Its a remarkeble feat actually)

User Stalking ([B]Pac-Man)
see "MilesPrower" take it asi

User STFU ([]Wormy42)
shut the fuck up :twisted:

User stupid ([]xDBKxStickman)
exactly what it means

User Swordgator ([G]swordgator)
Used to praise Ie the following Statement "You have be owned by Swordgator"

User Taumatawhakatangihangakōauauatamateaturipukakapiki ([G]billynizzle)
Taumatawhakatangihangakōauauatamateaturipukakapikithe longest place name in the world (i think) Its a hill. In NZ here. :þ

User tbf ([]SouthX)
to be fair

Staff TBW or W2W ([S]Bloopy)
Touch both walls or Wall2Wall. Used as a rule on ropers when there is no health crate to collect. Eg. at sudden death.

User team editor ([]Djoszee)
this can be found ingame to change your team. Here you can set things like names, flags, graves ( also points 4 weapons and fort in wwp) also annelid made a program to do this quick. You can find it here

User Team Scandinavia ([]TSxPatrick)
A Worms World Party Clan.

User Team17 ([]The Pope)
The people who have created all the worms games. Also a type of game where teleport is used to collect crates and then use them on the opponent.

User teh ([]Khuzad)
A very common spelling mistake of "the".

User teh ([]Indi)
tehThe calling card of the internet reliant moron with bad taste, and often deviant sexual appetites. Avoid all contact with anyone who uses the word or be damned for eternity.

User teh + pwned ([]solar)
teh = the pwned = owned im pretty sure these were invented by m0nk who just made simple typos :D

User Terrain ([]The Pope)
Means land or map.

User terrain ([]Dolphinlover2007)
indestructable terrain

User Tetaumatawhakatangihangakoauaotamateaurehaeaturipukapihimaungahoronuku pokaiwhenuaakitanarahu ([]Indi)
A place in New Zealand with a long name.

User th ([G]xxspiderxx)
Traxadas Heroes W3D/WFUS clan. It hasn't really got as much to do with Traxada as it says in the name. Clan tag - [th]

User The Verm clan ([]Wormy42)
this is a popular clan in WWP and is one of the top5 biggest clans stands for either german pronounciation for worm or Vary Expansive R. Mix currently have : 34 members

User Thread ([]The Pope)
The name given to a page which has been started to talk about something.

User thx ([]GWFxMorpheuZz)

User tk ([G]jt673)
team kill or tri-kill

User TRR ([]TheAbdBoy)
Teleport Rope Race. Made by me. But since some asswipes call TrickyRR, TRR. I dunno...

User ttly ([]SouthX)
Means totally, just don't get it confused with "ttyl" meaning talk to you later. ;)

User ttyl ([]The Pope)
Stands for 'talk to you later'

User tutorial (tut) ([]Djoszee)
ment to teach you something. They come in all sizes, like map tuts

User ty ([]Wormy42)
short for thank u ;)

User u ([]SupSuper)
short for "you"

User Ufff,pfff,bomp, et cetera ([G]fiend)
Aunootopias used to describe fustration or anoyance.

User uoh ([]Wormy42)
expression for sadness (something like that)

User User missions ([]Rootledge)

User Vai tomar no cú! ([G]kosonome)
Isn't a nice portuguese accomplishment...

User vbl ([]Wormy42)
very bad luck i suggest u 2 quit wotever game ur playing at once

User Verm ([]Wormy42)
go to wormy

User VGI or VGLI ([G]kosonome)
Very Good Indeed or Very Good Luck Indeed

User w/ ([]Dingbats)

User w/c ([]SPAZ)

User w00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000t! ([]Ninja Jedi)

User W:A ([]kontra)
Worms Armageddon

User Waddocks ([G]pathetic_runt)
a perfect set of tits

Staff wang ([]knifa)
secks instrument.

User weap ([]Djoszee)
in case u dont want to type "weapon" in full

User weapon ([]Djoszee)
believe it or not, but you can hurt you opponent with it :|

User Wed 25 Feb ([B]C1)
This is Bloopy's Birthday :D

User Weebl and Bob ([G]drattigan)
The greatest animtion on earth.

User wewtang ([]xXdarkesthourXx)
thank u wasted ;)

User wFLYw ([G]robin)
wFLYwa game set where you have to touch a wall, fly over the middle, and touch the other wall before attack, often played as a shopper

User White Duck ([G]white_duck)
White DuckThe best duck ever, all other duck's worship him.

User Wikipedia ([]MilesPrower)
A place to add/edit some stupid shits and make them more stupid.

User William Henry Gates III ([]MacOSX)
William Henry Gates IIIThank Very much cuz i can't play Worms on MacOSX

User wind bar ([]Djoszee)
the red or blue bars located at the bottom right ingame. They indicate the wind direction and speed

User wiptis ([G]xxfuzzballxx)
/msg *your name* wiptistean

User wiptistean ([]Kyle)
a cool cheat that you can use in wwp that allows you to see peoples /anon's and /msg's, very fun, you can tell when people are ganging up on you =:o)

User wn ([G]lord dez)
Stands for WormNet. wn2 (WormNet 2) may also be used.

User Wooden Girafe ([G]genralshnizel)
The Third God of GreySiders in Worms Games.

User woof woof ([G]xero)
when some1 fucks up stupidly or makes a real noobish mistake

User Worm ([]The Pope)
An Insect which is teh main focus in all the worm games.

User Worm (Correction) ([G]blackfoxx)
An invertebrate that has no hands, but holds weapons by psychokeneticly manipulated pink matter (Supposedly from dead worms' grave sites.) Worms are a force to be reconed with. All contact with worms may lead to radioactive activity if they: wear goggles, have visible thoughts, or make squeaky noises when hit.

Staff WormNet ([S]Zogger!)
The onlinelobby for worms, where you can meet other people and host games. Just go to the multi-player menu and click the wormnet button.

User wormnet ([]Distrance)
fatal error at during gameserver connection,disconnecting

Staff Wormnet2 ([S]Zogger!)
WWP's Wormnet

User Wormopaedia ([G]lord dez)
The A-Z of worms present in the actual Worms game. Find it under Options.

User Worms A-Z ([B]C1)
This is where u are now. It helps u look for meanings of words. The origin of each word is represented by symbols located above.

User Worms World Party Unofficial Guide ([]UengB07)
An unofficial guide to WWP being currently made by a member because no one (except the person that creat the gamefaq)has ever (even Prima's!) created a real guide.

User wormy ([]Wormy42)
go 2 verm

User wtf ([]Wormy42)
Wot the Fuck???

User wtfeck ([]kontra)
woot the fuck ?

User WWP ([]kontra)
Worms World Party

User WWPipe ([]Kyle)
Very 1337 program that lets people behind routers host games, have flame bars, and custom ranks.

User ([]Khuzad)
The best worms site ever! (In my opinion)

User wxw ([]pOpZ)
it's a game type. if there's a number instead of x, it's the number of walls to touch before attack. See in scehmes for more infos about wxw

User xARCxBRMxJamie ([B]RnRxSSTxLdr)
see Jamie

User xD ([]OutOfOrder)
Soooooo funny... :D

User xGOEx ([]Cheeetar)
Usually put behind people's names to signify they are in the clan.This clan is a very good clan for darksiders.GOE stands for Guardians Of Evil

User y ([]Wormy42)
short for why/yes

User Über ([]IgnitExWorM)
The best...awesome...very good.

User zibinbouter ([]Mastaworm)

User ZoGgEr ([]The Pope)
The guy who is head of this site. Funny thing is he doesn't play worms that often.

User Zook ([]The Pope)
ZookStands for Bazooka.

Staff zS ([S]Bloopy)
A funny misspelling of xD that someone may type if they hit the wrong keys.

User zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... ([]Wormy42)
*snore* i think some1 is asleep

User [text here] ([]SupSuper)
anonymous text (someone used the /anon command)

User \.../ Ô.ò \.../ ([]Kyle)
means rock on =:o)

Staff ^^ ([G]annelid)
a face made by virtually everyone but the UK and the US. it is two happy eyes. UK and US will usually draw it as ^_^

User ^_~ ([]RPharazon)
^_~ Usually blinking in a flirty manner, usually made by nubs or flirty idiotic girls in order to induce love into other people in a game where it's inhabited by 13-20 year old men who usually know a lot about programming.

User |:o ([G]zalixar)
Confused, Misunderstood

User   ([B]Pac-Man)

User ¬.¬ ([]Simski)
Annoyed sneer, you make the symbol by holding the alt button then typing 0172 on your note pad.

User ¿ ([]Khuzad)
An upside down question mark. If you don't have it on your keyboard, you can get it by holding down alt and pressing 0191 on your num-pad.

User ø.Ø ([]kontra)
i wish , i hadnt see it :|

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Xmas Greetings from waka waka waka waka []Unvalidated EmailChristmasRiddle MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! []Spleet Except for Spleet. []TheAbdBoy Always bummin' a brother out. []Spleet Happy New Year everyone! But Spleet. []TheAbdBoy

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MiddleEastern []AlphaWolf camel [S]Bloopy toe []TheAbdBoy moose knuckle [S]Bloopy MeatLoaf []Spleet IdDoAnything4Lo ve []AlphaWolf rub n tug []TheAbdBoy tugboat []The Pope rope [S]Bloopy race []TheAbdBoy


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