Want A ClanSite?

Just e-mail me (zogger[removeme] AT or ask on the forum. That chances are I'll give you a site. It takes me a few seconds to set up a site, so it should come pretty soon.

'Tis all

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[G]hot gravy Said:
Hey Zog, I would like a clan site with a chatroom, a caption contest and Downloads section for graves, maps and other things. Clan is called-
OLD SKOOL COOL (based on old school worming, like deathmatch and all, not like roperaces and all that fancy stuff)

[17.04.06 03:35 PM]

[G]hot gravy Said:
Oh, just in case it comes in useful, my favourite colour is red!
[17.04.06 03:35 PM]

[G]lewis15 Said:
hey hey can i join a clan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thank you

[27.04.06 05:20 PM]

[]JayX Said:
Hi zog, i`m pretty new to btp . So hi and all that good shit. Can i get a clan site for the nWo (new Worm order) with a forum if possible. Thzx bro L8rz
[26.09.06 12:01 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
[26.08.07 12:28 AM]

[]Flamar Said:
Hi zogger im new to this site as i play worms 3d and wondering if i could have a site for my clan?
[15.01.08 10:33 PM]

[]Flamar Said:
no matter we have our own miniforum now. feel free to visit
[11.02.08 05:33 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
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[29.12.08 12:19 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
[29.12.08 12:19 AM]

[]socke Said:
i'm on the way to set up a new clan. it's also a new type of rules in the WWP. It's a mix between shoppa and normal game. In the beginning you dont have any weoppons(like shoppa) and you need to collect the crates. Temporary i have about 4 players, who are still playing on my server and mostly the server is even full. I would be very happy to get a clan site to spread this new game type.

greetings, socke

[05.01.09 05:36 PM]

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