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[BTP] - [BlameThePixel]
ZW - ZlooxyWarriors
wR - Wreckless Ropers
WiP - Worms in Pyjamas
w0w - w0w ICL
TEST - A Test Clan
TBC - The Bob Clan
SXG - Society of Xtreme Gamerz
Sa - Structural attack
Ps109 - Psymon
OoA - Organisation of Assasins
NfC - No Fat Chicks
MW - Master of Worms
LeeT - 1337 Clan
LCN - La Cosa Nostra
HDI - Huasos del infierno
FLU - Fat Lumberjacks United
FBW - FootBall Worms
Dark Ropin' Matter - DRM

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[]Csuby Said:
I have a problem!if i click on a ClanSite,it wont jump to a site,it writes this:"Fatal error: Call to undefined function: makestylesheet() in /home/blameth/public_html/cspage.php on line 19".Someone please help me!
[15.04.06 02:59 PM]

[G]hot gravy Said:
team wormnut Said:
how you do big exclamation?

You type multiple exclamation marks, like this:

[19.04.06 10:00 AM]

[G]hot gravy Said:
[19.04.06 10:01 AM]

[G]hot gravy Said:
Why will none of the sites work?

[19.04.06 10:01 AM]

[]Unvalidated Emailmooman Said:
[07.05.06 06:36 AM]

[]triforce1215 Said: figured out how to do the<h3>!</h3> thing....maybe

anyway, yeah i wanna see clan BTP..but i can't....for obvious reasons.....

[15.06.06 02:38 AM]

[]B!G B!LLY Said:
<h1> lol </h1>
[31.01.07 01:50 PM]

[]SwiftFinch Said:
Are any of these clans still active?
[14.06.07 10:31 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
errrm any are but noone is :D
[26.08.07 12:29 AM]

[]Flamar Said:
if you want to see w3d clans go to game dieing MUST KEEP ALIVE
[04.02.08 10:38 PM]

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