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Lol, yes, I wrote this fun bit of javascript myself (ZoGgEr!). Avoid the pixels for as long as possible, you can hit your tail, but not your head. There are also high scores, once you've finished, they'll be updated.

Depending on your browser, you'll be useing either W,S,A,D or the arrow keys to move your worm. Netscape users, use arrows. IE users, use WSAD. If the script detects you not using either browser, It'll default you to using IE. If it doesnt work, post here and I'll switch the code.

BTW, This only works in the LATEST browsers, IE 6.0 and Netscape 7.1. If you dotn have them, you probably cant play.

Note: To be added to the highscores, you must play for at least 50 seconds.


Pos.NameSurvival Time (ASC)Date
1[B]omgwaffle.214748364712/09/08 07:13 PM
2[B]omgwaffle.214748364712/09/08 07:13 PM
3[B]omgwaffle.214748364712/09/08 07:13 PM
4[B]omgwaffle.214748364712/09/08 07:13 PM
5[B]omgwaffle.214748364712/09/08 07:13 PM
6[B]omgwaffle.214748364712/09/08 07:13 PM
7[B]omgwaffle.214748364712/09/08 07:13 PM
8[B]omgwaffle.214748364712/09/08 07:13 PM
9[B]omgwaffle.214748364712/09/08 07:13 PM
10[B]omgwaffle.214748364712/09/08 07:13 PM

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[]Unvalidated EmailWohmBrother Said:
49812 cheat time!!
[02.12.07 11:57 AM]

[]Unvalidated EmailWohmBrother Said:
fuck you Pixel Flyer (game) and fuck you ZoGgEr! !
[02.12.07 12:07 PM]

[]SouthX Said:
i head butted 2 pixels and died D:
[10.12.07 02:25 AM]

[]Wohm Said:
stupid game
[20.12.07 08:16 PM]

[]ThexDarksider Said:
[19.06.08 02:05 PM]

[]ThexDarksider Said:
I just tried will it work..u guys dont do it :D
[19.06.08 02:06 PM]

[]MilesPrower Said:
If you continue hacking the btp games, an admin will ban you


[24.06.08 05:01 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
lmao :D
[30.06.08 09:38 PM]

[]Unvalidated EmailWormer21 Said:
This game is hard!I don't like it!
[16.02.09 04:27 PM]

[]Unvalidated EmailWormager Said:
Wtf?Pixel Flyer is stupid aand a hardcore!
[24.03.09 07:54 PM]

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