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BlameThePixel was written and set up Aug-Oct 2002. It was written by me, ZoGgEr! (formerly zog). My reason for making BlameThePixel was to bring together the previous sites I have made into one, as a place to find and upload files, help and be helped, and all that misc. stuff you might like to do. I tried to bring the best from the old sites whilst removing or bettering the not-so-popular parts. Word Association, for example, is now on the right of every page, instead of on its own page. This means you can play from wherever you are on the site.

How the site was written:
PHP is my choice for scripting, so that's what I used to write the site's dynamic content. I tested the site using a pre-set-up Apache server from PHPDev. This is a useful & easy to set up Apache server for windows, you'll need one if you want to seriously write PHP.
As for text editors... All my content was written using text editors. This was primarily notepad, but after my brother started writing a new text editor (SEdit), this is what I used. IMO it's better than notepad, and hasn't even been finished yet...

A History of BlameThePixel
The first incarnation of BTP was a little-known version of the Pixel Blaming Army (PBA), the original one with just a couple of members. The design of this old site was very javascript-y and generally quite fun. It's amazing what you can do with a bit of CSS. If you want to see the first ever PBA, then I've uploaded it here. Back at this point, it was just me, ben and hoobman as members of the PBA, and there was no PHP automation etc. The number of maps were limited (I made them all), and there was basically nothing to do except play with the fun CSS and the little pixel game in the games section, still I liked it.

Now we move on to the second PBA, this was basically the first site I wrote that used PHP. People could actually sign up to this one, and after a bit of time a fair few people signed up, something over 50, anyway. The new site had more things to do. Proper excuses, for example, were one of the first things made, and user news also existed. The little rating stars were the same then as they are now, which is always exciting, however, there still wasn't really that much to do, and because it was hosted on tripod, it was almost always either slow or down. Because of this lack of activities, everyone got bored of the site and nobody ever visited anymore, so we generally just decided that it was dead. Someone even managed to hack the admin panel, mainly because ben set a really easy to crack password to his account (lol). The second PBA is still uploaded and in exsistance at tripod, but the dodgy hosting means that the database doesn't work half the time, and it's likely that the site won't work. If you just want to see the design, though, you can go to "change design" on the left and choose the old PBA design from the list.

Then finally, around the beginning of September 2002, I decided to have a walla at writing a new PBA site, generally out of boredom. I decided that I wanted to add in some content from my other sites, to make it less of a network of my sites, and more one useful site. I decided to stick in a couple of the old features (i.e FictoLeague, Word asssociation etc.), and through in a ton of new ones, user file uploading, for example. Still, not much else to say about BTP, it's right here for you to use.

A History of BlameThePixel in the words of Ben
Here's what ben had to say in a post he made on the old forum:
the first pixel blaming site called "PBA" wich means, "Pixel Blaming Army". in the first site, it was more like a small unit than an army. like i said, it was zog, me and hoobman.

after a while zog got sick of this site. why? maybe cous it was anoying, maybe cous it was boring, maybe he was 2 lazy to update it so he made a new one. the new site was bigger, better and actually got visit once in a while. zog even hosted the wcd site on that one. after a while, ppl got bored of it and stoped visiting, we even had some hacking attamps. like the members, so the creators decided this site was boring, so we stoped updating it. now after a while, zog made THIS site, after he worked hard on it. the secret for this site is that zog allways put new things, never let it get boring.

thats it.

A History of Matt, Zog, Zogger, and their(!?) Webmastry (is that a word)
Heh, well my website history goes back quite a long while, it seems. I first made a website (and it was about worms) when I was 10 or 11 (this was 1997), known as Matt's Worms Page. At that time, I was the king of imaginitive website titles and HTML, apart from the fact that I didn't have the first clue about HTML. I just used Lotus something-or-other to write the site, the joys of WYSIWYG were endless (or were they). This site is up on the internet archive, but I don't particualarly want to post the address for reasons of embarressment.

After a while, I was bored of this old design (which you haven't seen), and decided to go for something new, something... rather cheap and boring. If you want to see this one, it has been archived by the internet archive, and can be found here. I used some other website creator for this site, the name of which I can't remember, and this time there was a bit more information, and even a little clan, which did get a few members, strangely. At this point I had started to use zog as a name, but the site was still called Matt's Worms Page.

Yet again, I became bored of this site, and also decided to learn HTML. Thus a new site was created, with that ever-innovative name, Matt's Worms Page! I even used frames in this design. It looked fairly good in my opinion, but no-one ever really visited it, compared to the thousands of hits on the old page. So, I'll just generally skip over this bit, not much to say, except that this was to be the last Matt's Worms Page, this one never evfen got archived by the ia :(.

Sigh, history still going...

So, then came a huge break in my worming. Matt's Worms Page was about at the time of W:A, but I never really played online at that point. In the gap, I started playing Warhammer 40,000, the strategy board game, and made a site dedicated to my armies, with a bit about the games themselves. That's still up at Still, don't want to go mentioning other games here, I was soon to get back to worms.

Yep, Easter 2001 I was getting a tad bored, so I decided to open up that old W:A CD case, and install worms. Then I got stuck there, so, inevitably, a new site came. You can still see the design where it is still uploaded, but you can't see most of the site, as I integrated it with the GoD clan site, and all the links point there. The site was called ZoMArch, a wierd acronym standing for Zog's Map Archive. Yes, I was still known as zog, and now I was putting that on maps. I made a fair few maps and uploaded them there, but didn't really get many submissions to the site.

And then, another inevitable moment, I started a clan! The clan was the GoDs of Destruction. I probably wasn't the first person to use this for a clan name, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the last either (damn them). The clan actually got a fair few members, mainly because TFC joined and started recruiting tons of people from WWP, which at that point I wasn't really playing a lot. CD problems, ya see. The W:A half of the clan was a bit lacking though, cause that was the bit I was in charge of (heheh). After a while the clan died, and I nearly joined WcD, but TFC persuaded me to restart the GoD clan, so I did. It was a bit of a failure after that though, really, cause TFC didn't have the effort to get everyone to rejoin. So, In Nov. 2001, the clan died (again). Then I finally joined WcD, which is still going fairly strong, even though we're a tad inactive (at least I am).

Okay, so a few sites happened in-between the GoD site and now, but apart from the PBA ones which are mentioned above, there's not much exciting stuff in the list. So I think I'll end it there, you're probably bored of reading this, and I'm bored of typing. Toodly pip.

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