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Below you will find (I hope), a list of all the redirects that have been set up on BTP in alphabetical order. With them it will show the URL that they point to, and who set them up.

Shortcut Points to Owner
a about:blank tundraH
abctest Dumazz Roger14
blitzball_help TheAbdBoy
bob O_O
brl Bloopy
BSCoRnEr BlackShadowsCoRnEr
btp wormkiller
btpclan TheAbdBoy
cclan C1
clante RiddleR
cm FFoXX
ddc HHC
devduck Snipper
dingbats Dingbats
dum Dumazz
Dumazzmaps Dumazz
ffx_connections TheAbdBoy
final_fantasy_fmvs TheAbdBoy RiddleR
LiquidRoPeR LiquidRoPeR
ooa Thor
parquerofl eXiLe
prosnooper x2057x
sp Bloopy
Spider-ManTubig TheAbdBoy
suggestions.php Dingbats
test ZoGgEr!
test/forum ZoGgEr!
TheMeaningOfLife Bloopy
veg Vegeta
w about:blank tundraH
w2k ProWorm
wcl ZoGgEr!
weebl Bloopy
whatever ZoGgEr!
woa O_O
wormstobeborn C1
wow ZoGgEr!
wowicl Genki
xSnSx Veggie
xtreame Xtreame
you The Pixel
ZW cs.php?clan=13 ZoGgEr!
~ ~ tundraH

Your Comments:

[S]Bloopy Said:
ß|õöÞý joins the ratrace :D
[04.04.03 02:30 AM]

[S]Zogger! Said:
heh, good idea with the startpage.
[04.04.03 10:23 PM]

[]joetheeskimo5 Said:
[23.11.04 10:49 PM]

[]joetheeskimo5 Said:
Fourth comment!
[23.11.04 10:49 PM]

[]ArcBeetle Said:
and fiveth :D:D
[01.04.05 08:51 PM]

[]Jakel Said:
[20.08.05 10:12 AM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
[24.01.07 04:40 PM]

[B]omgwaffle. Said:
[18.10.09 05:13 PM]

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