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Sunday, July 05th, 2009 - 09:29:22 AM
In thread: BTP Team: Keypress and Mouseclick counter!
On forum: BlameTheGeneralDiscussion

Quoted :: TheAbdBoy
Keystokes can't be converted into cash, but they can be converted into electrical energy. Duur.

Quoted :: Bloopy
Electrical energy can be converted into cash, if you sell it.
[quote=TheAbdBoy] O yeah. I forgot WhatPulse was secretly selling parts of the e...
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Sunday, July 05th, 2009 - 09:15:37 AM
In thread: LAST POST!
On forum: BlameTheGeneralOffTopic

Quoted :: TheAbdBoy

Quoted :: Psymon
So Worms 2: Armageddon was released on xbox live this week. It's 2d and really good. It's gonna be released on PC some time later.
So you're saying we will have more pixels to blame?
If you really hate pixels, why wont anyone make an updat...
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Friday, July 03rd, 2009 - 09:21:25 AM
In thread: LAST POST!
On forum: BlameTheGeneralOffTopic
Umm... Those are quite good picks. But then, you havent seen what my frien did to a table few years ago. I do have a picture of it... Wiat a sec... Upload it damn Imageshack... There! An image! But that's not how the story ended, t...
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Friday, July 03rd, 2009 - 09:04:37 AM
In thread: BTP Team: Keypress and Mouseclick counter!
On forum: BlameTheGeneralDiscussion

Quoted :: TheAbdBoy
Whatever, keystrokes > clicks, so we're still giving a lot of power to Africa from keystrokes.
... Do you really belive what people say online? Your keystrokes are going to my bank account. Thanks everyone! Mwhahaha *You know, evil laughter* Cough cough....
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Wednesday, July 01st, 2009 - 03:38:28 PM
In thread: LAST POST!
On forum: BlameTheGeneralOffTopic

Quoted :: SouthX
That spoon is worthy enough to eat with in third world countries. That have never seen a spoon, of course.
How about dead tables? Show me some pictures of them. (nope, googling "dead table" doesn't result in dead tables, it result in to deaths on tables.)...
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Why the hell not?
01.06.12 04:08 PM
On page: /addword.php

"Kudos to you on analyzing basic grammar, though." I made it completely too anal for you to bear.
28.05.12 12:44 PM
On page: /addword.php

I did a good job ANALIZING your grammar, as in:
27.05.12 07:36 AM
On page: /addword.php

It wasn't a correction. You will get it eventually. Think about it, really hard. You will get it, I hope.
19.05.12 11:17 AM
On page: /addword.php

"analize" (you will get it eventually.)
11.05.12 12:50 PM
On page: /addword.php

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