Existing Rules for Snoop Dogg Speak

just hold up one minizzle bizzle. Snoop needs some lovizzle, quizle!

Finally talk like the Big Snoop Dizzle and hit it off with all the bizzles - Add

Swap Rules

Find Replace
about 'bout
all izall
all izzall
america da united shizzles of america
and 'n
arse booty
ass booty
big big ass
bitch bizzle
blame the pixel bizzle da pizzle fo' shizzle
blamethepixel bizzle da pizzle fo' shizzle
bling $£¢
boy dogg
Buisness biz
bullet cap
business biz
business biz
butt booty
clothes threads
clothing threads
cool da shiznit
dance get dizown
dog D-O-double-gizzle
fool foo
friend homey
fro 'fo
from 'fo
fun pot
girl baby
got to gots
gun nine
guy pimp
have has
hello yo
here 'da hizzy
hey what up dawgizzle?
home crib
house hizzle
in up in
man pimp
marijuana shit
mate my nigger
microsoft microshizzle
money MONEY
more mo'
mother fucker 'mo 'fo
my ma
my boy my dogg
nigger nizzle
over ova
person dude
Pioneer322 Pio
pixel pizzle
shit shizzle
shoot pop a cap in
son dogg
Star Worms *wormz
sure sho
television televizzle
the tha
they're they
theyre they
video vizzle
was wuz
web wab
what's wrong? yo waddup?
white dude honkey
white guy honkey
white man honkey
with wit
woman bitch
you yo' ass
your yo
Zogger Zogg

Sentence Start/End Rules

Type Insert
End - know what im sayin?
End n' shit
Start yaa know,

Special Rules

about every 1/10 times some says a word with "a" in it, extend the "a" to "aaa". Example: translate = traaanslate
about every 1/15 times some says a word with "i" in it, extend the "i" to "iii". Example: tin = tiiin
about every 1/15 times some says a word with "u" in it, extend the "u" to "uuu". Example: fudge = fuuudge

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Your Comments: (show all 22 comments)

[]Muzer Said:
13th <s>comic</s> comment! W00T!
[06.09.05 06:20 PM]

[]Muzer Said:
grr dang strikethrough!
[06.09.05 06:21 PM]

[G]blippy_worm Said:
does your language work? I wonder...
[18.11.05 11:44 PM]

[]Aku Said:
[12.11.06 02:54 PM]

[]B!G B!LLY Said:
[30.01.07 12:04 PM]

[]tope Said:
me pueden pasar sonidos de worms armageddon en español
[03.08.07 02:28 PM]

[B]Pac-Man Said:
fuck is this boring
[20.01.08 04:59 PM]

[]SouthX Said:
[20.01.08 07:13 PM]

[]TheKax Said:
Who has made up the Finnish diealectizer rules? (I'm finn so I know the best and i have icluded the language after the word so it wudn't cofuzzle (bloop said that) you.
"several"(ENGLSH) is certainly not "sukläät"(FINNISH), "several"(ENG) is "pari"(FIN) or "muutama hassu"(FIN) and the weird word "sukläät"(FIN???) is "chocliit"(ENGL???) in English ("Chocolate" wud be "suklaa", so I quess "Sukläät" cud be "Chocliit";)

[07.09.08 02:54 PM]

[]TheKax Said:
Who the **** is messing these?! "tontulakki" is certainly not "chocolate"! "Tonttulakki" is the hat that Santa's helpers... Those pests you know... use.
[23.02.09 02:21 PM]

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