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Filetype specific notes
-Schemes are not cross compatible between games, and must be downloaded seperately for each one They are places in /user/schemes in W:A &WWP
-Flags & Graves are cross-compatible, place them in /user/flags or /user/graves. When you click the download link you will probably see a BMP alone in the window. Right click it and choose to save it to the appropriate directory
-Missions will only work on WWP, extract the mission file from inside the zip to /user/missions. If you do not have this folder, you should just be able to create it
-Programs vary in requirements from program to program, there is normally a readme inside the file that tells you exactly how to use it.
-W:A Game Recordings will only work on W:A, extract the zip to /user/Games, or probably wherever you like, and double click the file. You must have the W:A beta patch or greater to view these recordings. The basic idea is just to upload an interesting video of your moves, for example.

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Prev. Name Description Author Uploaded by Works with DLs B Download
-The Full Wormage (Scheme)
A complete full wormage for wa new(plese rate this) - Comments RANDOMATOR06 [G]randomator06 2016 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Shopper Practice (Scheme)
Based on original schpper scheme and good for beginers. - Comments Boric6 [G]boric6 1068 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-RopeRace (Scheme)
Simple RopeRace sheme =) - Comments InZa []InZa 1140 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-wXw (Scheme)
A simple wXw without Super Weapons like: Cows, Bananas and something else =) - Comments InZa []InZa 1269 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Crazy Scheme (Scheme)
a VERY crazy scheme. all da weapons r extremely powerful n da worms hv lots of life - Comments TheDude [G]manicman 526 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Roussian Roulette (Scheme)
Roussian roulette now in worms! - Comments Unknow [G]boric6 512 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Time Trial Rope Race (Scheme)
A Time Trial Rope Race for WA. DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE WITH THE BTP SCHEME EDITOR. IT DOES NOT WORK IN WWP. Kay? - Comments TheAbdBoy []TheAbdBoy 570 [Download] [W:AsP] (221 B) - Editor
-JetPackRace (Scheme)
Like RopeRace, but instead a rope you must use a jetpack - Comments Unknown []ArcBeetle 681 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-HolyWars. (Scheme)
Destroy the opponent using holy grenades and other weapons. - Comments Fluffy Beast []ArcBeetle 559 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Team17 (Scheme)
The T17 scheme. Like shoppa but instead rope you use another weapons for collecting crates - Comments Team17 []ArcBeetle 598 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Elite (Scheme)
Like the old Intermediate scheme, but with 20 sec, less weapons and no crates. - Comments Unknown []ArcBeetle 754 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-RopeRace (Scheme)
A race with the rope. - Comments Unknown []ArcBeetle 1246 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-BnG (Scheme)
Bazookas aNd Grenades. The name says all. - Comments Unknown []ArcBeetle 932 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Proper (Scheme)
A scheme for all Pro Ropers - Comments Unknown []ArcBeetle 2269 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Shopper (Scheme)
Simple Shopper!(Please rate this file,and i must say:its original!) - Comments Jonah [G]boric6 2512 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-G4S PRO scheme (Scheme)
Harder version of G4S. Can you handle it? - Comments Peltzi []Peltzi 396 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-G4S scheme (Scheme)
Game for shooters -scheme. Prove us your accuracy! - Comments Peltzi []Peltzi 476 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Under-appreciated Weapons (Scheme)
A scheme which has the weapons people don't use very often - Comments ManicMan [G]manicman 465 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Crazy Mode (Scheme)
A VERY crazy scheme. Has all(most)the weapons. Oh, and you wouldn't want to reach Sudden Death. - Comments ManicMan [G]manicman 619 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Under-appreciated Weapons (Scheme)
A scheme with the weapons people don't usually use. - Comments ManicMan [G]manicman 501 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor

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Where do you download mission.
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So-called "isolated" soundbanks have been replaced with a single Sonic Battle soundbank. Enjoy.
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how to make your own flag & grave?
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I'm uploading my own LEGO Island 2 soundbank!!!!!!!!!! !!
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Can you make Kirby soundbanks and upload it?
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