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Filetype specific notes
-Schemes are not cross compatible between games, and must be downloaded seperately for each one They are places in /user/schemes in W:A &WWP
-Flags & Graves are cross-compatible, place them in /user/flags or /user/graves. When you click the download link you will probably see a BMP alone in the window. Right click it and choose to save it to the appropriate directory
-Missions will only work on WWP, extract the mission file from inside the zip to /user/missions. If you do not have this folder, you should just be able to create it
-Programs vary in requirements from program to program, there is normally a readme inside the file that tells you exactly how to use it.
-W:A Game Recordings will only work on W:A, extract the zip to /user/Games, or probably wherever you like, and double click the file. You must have the W:A beta patch or greater to view these recordings. The basic idea is just to upload an interesting video of your moves, for example.

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Prev. Name Description Author Uploaded by Works with DLs B Download
-Bannana Championship (Scheme)
Using Bannana Bomb as well as Super Bannana Bomb (W:A only) defeat your opponent. - Comments belle3100 []belle3100 655 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-The Latter (Scheme)
It's the same as Full Carnage, only options are tweacked ::mrgreen:: - Comments belle3100 []belle3100 617 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Shopping (Scheme)
It's From W:A and it's arrived in WWP :D - Comments belle3100 []belle3100 1404 [Download] [W:AsP] (221 B) - Editor
-Rope vs Bungee (Scheme)
This scheme can be used for either W:A or WWP. One team has to use Ninja Rope while the other uses Bungee. They need to collect a crate before attack (yes, shoppa rules apply) and you can optionally touch 4 walls before you attack to make it WxW related. Try it, it's fun! There is a nice chance of getting a super weapon (e.g Magic Bullet) inside a crate. Works with 2-4 players. - Comments belle3100 []belle3100 612 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-The Crate Season (Scheme)
It's a WWP scheme which allows you to rope all about. It's a lot of fun! Selecr 'Raining Crates' to get the most super weapons to advatage. - Comments belle3100 []belle3100 562 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Armomaster (Scheme)
I have no idea why i mad this. - Comments belle3100 []belle3100 497 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Full Wormage unlocked (Scheme)
Who needs FWU when you download the scheme? This COMPLETLY unlocks it. - Comments belle3100 []belle3100 851 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Rope For Weapons Scheme (Scheme)
A simple concept. Rules are on the map, available here: - Comments ApocalypsexTWAx []XTApocalypse 648 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-DrillGolfer (Scheme)
Drill golfer scheme, for my maps - Comments xDNCxGhost64x []xDNCxGhost64x 464 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-reverse tower race (Scheme)
for use with reverse tower map on wmdb - Comments Grunkk []Grunkk 473 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-dodge the meteors (Scheme)
just enter jetpack, use armageddon and fly around. to end turn just take damage. - Comments Grunkk []Grunkk 340 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-killthebeast (Scheme)
for use with my 'kill the beast'map available on worms map database - Comments Grunkk []Grunkk 334 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-3in1 shop-wxw-fly (Scheme)
3in1 Multipack scheme - Comments xDMxGnork []Gnork 685 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Drill Gooffing (Scheme)
I wanted to do drill goofing with ninja rope and found it was funny. I used the rope that it's right next to the ground and pressed left or right that the worm shakes like a maniac and then press enter to use the Drill, you never know where it goes :D here is a link for a video while using this scheme: - Comments SamTheWarrior []SamTheWarrior 427 [Download] [W:AsP] (221 B) - Editor
-FUN Worms 1 Style (normal) (Scheme)
Just a little Fun Theme (best played with 150% speed) - Comments SithlordDK []SithlordDK 399 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Fort - siege (Scheme)
use this scheme with this map: - Comments edocon []edocon 630 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-GlobeWars (Scheme)
wkRubberWorm scheme - Comments Gnork []Gnork 456 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Russian Roulette (The Original) (Scheme)
The good an only one. The other scheme who's here too has too much stuffs, so I did another one like it should. Look @ this map too: Russian Roulette. Good luck and have fun! - Comments MilesPrower []MilesPrower 443 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-iglou protector scheme (Scheme)
scheme for iglou protector downlaude the map herre - Comments j.o.vallée []j.o.vallee 376 [Download] [W:AsP] (221 B) - Editor
-Wormy Sky (scheme) (Scheme)
This is the scheme for this map: Wormy Sky (Target training). I did my best to do both files, and I hope you will enjoy! Note: This scheme has been designed for training in that map only. Some improves are enabled. - Comments MilesPrower []MilesPrower 385 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-competition scheme (Scheme)
scheme for my competition maps - Comments j.o.vallée []j.o.vallee 352 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-archer god! scheme (Scheme)
scheme for archer god! - Comments MilesPrower []j.o.vallee 366 [Download] [W:AsP] (221 B) - Editor
-Enhanced Golf (Scheme)
Golf scheme with WormSelect - for Golf with scoreboards! :p low power nade, inf health / rope / tele / ws - Comments xDMxGnork []Gnork 475 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Golf scheme (Scheme)
Golf scheme - for Golf! :p low power nade, inf health/rope/tele - Comments xDMxGnork []Gnork 489 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Sea War (Scheme)
scheme for map "Piraci" - Comments paradajs []paradajs 389 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Mineball for wkRubberworm (Scheme)
Mineball scheme for wkRubberworm - Comments xDMxGnork []Gnork 539 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-Intermediate with Invisibility (Scheme)
A scheme just like default Intermediate scheme, but with unlimited Invisibility, Ninja Rope and Parachute. :P - Comments ThexDarksider []ThexDarksider 451 [Download] [W:AsP] (229 B) - Editor
-Fort bigmap (Scheme)
use this scheme with Big Map Fort and TS mod HF - Comments edocon []edocon 543 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-WxW pro scheme (Scheme)
It's a pro scheme created for training your roping skills! - Comments Bibo []Bibo 1220 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor
-normal unlimited ropesSURGEcrazy (Scheme)
this is a normal/unlimited ropes-scheme with extreme fast water rising, designed to use it on the "SURGE SHOPPA" map. ++++MAX MINES+++max barrels - Comments invisible []invisible 536 [Download] [W:AsP] (297 B) - Editor

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