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Announcer: Hello folks and welcome to the Calvin Ball tournament. This time, things are a little differant. It's a cartoon. This will make gameplay compleat and utterly differant. As always, the goals will only open after 100 posts, so keep fight even if you have been downed. Remember, cartoon characters die stay dead for long. Now lets go live to the arena, as the competiters are now entering the arena.
*The camera swoops down to show the players standing on their platforms.*
Announcer:"And now it's time for the countdown. Will Psymon be silly enough to use the same joke 2 CVB's in a row? Let's hope not. 5.......4.......3......2......1......GOOOOOOOOO!, and thank fook for that. It seems he has some commen sence."

*The competiers leap into the air after the Calvin Ball, as CVB3 takes under way*

Announcer:"Good luck players, and have fun"

05.08.04 20:03
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wil jumps up and collects the ball, pushing others down, he then runs towards the other side
06.08.04 12:38
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Youd don't have to use the stars or the italics as actions. you can use plain text like this. When speach comes, you can just use regular quotations. The RP style I have learned is from my "RP Teacher". I went to an RP school and I kind of got the wrong habits. I've been known to wreck Story RPs.

28.08.13 07:41
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[S]Bloopy shows up for the first time ever and kicks over Riya, who's mumbling and dribbling on the sideline. [S]Bloopy then pries the Calvin Ball from Wil's cold, dead hands, upon which the old ball disintegrates into a cloud of dust.


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I suppose that's one "good" thing about my degree (aero engineering), there aren't too many terms/words/etc that have "alternative" meanings.
What, like cockpits, turboshafts, thrust, nozzles, corkscrews, ram drag, payload, flaps, and wind tunnels?
01.09.13 06:50
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